Friends of the Livingston County Library continue their annual Big Read events at 6:30 p.m., on Sept.10, with a program presented by Stanley Adams, a decorated Vietnam Veteran and author of the book “From Mokane to Mole City.” Adams’ book, which has been number 1 on Amazon’s bestseller list for Vietnam history, details his first-hand experiences of the hardships and terrors of battle in the dense jungles of Vietnam.

Drafted in late May 1968, Adams, barely 20 years old, was quickly transformed into an infantry rifleman on the front lines of the Vietnam War, where he survived a year of combat with the famed “Manchu” Regiment, 25th Infantry “Tropic Lightning” Division. During the program, Adams will recount his journey from Mokane, Mo., where he grew up, to the jungles of Vietnam, sharing what is it’s like to fight— and not die— for your country. Additionally, he will speak about how reconnecting with his Manchu brothers, many of whom suffer from PTSD as a result of the horrors they experienced in Vietnam, has been instrumental in his own healing process. As most Vietnam Veterans are reluctant to recount their experiences of the war, this program presents a rare opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by those who served there.

The program will be held in the courtroom of the library. A book signing and reception will follow. In addition, a copy of Adam’s book along with a number of books written in the 1960s will be awarded to lucky winners in attendance.

The Big Read, which is in its eighth year, encourages community involvement through the reading of selected books and other thought-provoking discussions and activities. This year’s Big Read theme, “The Summer of ’69,’ commemorates the moon landing, Woodstock, the Vietnam War, and other historical happenings. This year, the Friends did not select a particular book for the Big Read but instead invite you to read one of the many books pertinent to the theme. A list of books published in the 1960s is available at the library and includes such best-sellers from 1969 as The Godfather, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Slaughterhouse-Five and many other great reads. Rounding out the “Summer of 69” Big Read will be a program presented by Larry Vance on at 6:30 on Sept. 24. Vance will discuss newsworthy and significant events occurring in 1969. All events are free and open to the public.