Livingston County Sheriff's Deputy Terry Wilson recently attended training in St. Joseph from instructor Issac Sandidge over First Responder Fatigue.

According to a press release from Sheriff Steve Cox, Deputy Wilson reported the training objectives included: defining and discussing the impact of trauma, vicarious trauma and burnout on professional and personal wellbeing; Identifying compassion fatigue and burnout warning signs; describing individual self-care and resiliency strategies to mitigate the damage impacts of trauma and associated stress responses discussing implementing systematic change and support policies and procedures.

In 2018, a total of 159 law enforcement officers died by suicide and at

Deputy Wilson reported key things he got from the class include:

When you leave work for the day leave work at work and focus on you and family and friends. If you feel you are having trouble do not feel ashamed to ask for help. Take vacations and time off and enjoy the time from the job and try to focus on you and not your job. If you see a coworker having difficulty do not wait for them to ask for help go to them and ask if you can help them in any way you can. Things to help you are eating good meals and not fast food all the time, getting a good night's sleep, exercising on a regular basis and taking time away from work for yourself and family.