In today’s agriculture, it is very popular to lease farmland. However, parties on either side of a lease may have questions about their lease agreement. Are you getting a fair price for your land? Should this lease be more than a handshake? What if you want to lease your farm for non-traditional purposes like hunting? These questions can all be answered in one evening.

The University of Missouri Extension is offering an evening course to the public, “Missouri Farm Leases”. This three-hour course will cover five topics regarding farm leases: current cash rent in Missouri and trends; specific items to include in a lease; livestock/crop share agreements; terminating farm leases; and recreational (hunting) leases.

The course will be offered in 9 locations on Sept. 24, 2019. Meetings are from 6-9 p.m. at these


• Carrollton. MU Extension Center in Carroll County, 111 N. Mason St.

• Crocker. MU Extension Center in Pulaski County, 101 12th St.

• Gallatin. First Christian Church, 1501 Main St.

• Higginsville. MU Extension Center in Lafayette County, 14 E. 19th St.

• Kahoka. Clark County Courthouse basement, 111 E. Court St.

• Kingston. Church of the Nazarene, 93 W. Jackson St.

• Maryville. Northwest Technical School, 1515 S. Munn Ave.

• Montgomery City. MU Extension Center in Montgomery County, 310 Salisbury St., Suite E.

• Nevada. Nevada Public Library Annex, 232 W. Walnut St.

• Union. MU Extension Council Foundation Meeting Room, 102 Union Plaza Drive.

• Unionville. Putnam County High School EPN Room, 803 S. 20th St.

Carlee Johnson, county engagement specialist in Caldwell County will be leading the course being held in Kingston. The course will be offered in a blended (technology and personal) platform. Each county’s course will be held at the locations above, but different instructors from around the state will discuss each topic via Zoom, an online meeting platform. In this method, participants will hear from a number of Extension specialists from all around the state. Utilizing this platform also allows for participant interaction from each location, creating a larger wealth of knowledge.

In the current agricultural economy, it is important to watch your cash flow very carefully. With volatile markets and weather uncertainty, it is ideal to have some form of certainty. Having a written lease with all of the necessary items included creates a safer bet for landowners and farmers alike. Participants will receive materials on each subject presented to help them create, modify or terminate their current leases.

Registration for the workshop is $35 and will close on Sept. 20. If multiple members of one

family would like to attend and share materials it is an extra $15. If each member of a family wants their own materials it is $35 per person. The course is open to all participants. Registration forms may be obtained at the Caldwell County Extension Office, 97 S. Harrison, Kingston. Interested participants may also call the office at (816) 586-1010.

For additional information on the class, please contact Carlee Johnson, (816) 586-1010 or

Carlee Johnson is a county engagement specialist in agriculture and environment in Caldwell County.