Across the United States, rural, community-based broadband providers are serving small towns with robust broadband networks to support critical and innovative solutions for rural communities. These technological leaders are helping to build a nationwide network of Smart Rural Communities where broadband connections are helping create a brighter future for rural America.

Last week, NTCA–the Rural Broadband Association is pleased to welcome Green Hills Communications into this nationwide network in recognition of the company’s important work in bringing broadband-enabled advances to rural America. Green Hills Communications is one of the first providers to receive this award in Missouri.

The Smart Rural Communities program promotes collaborative work among rural broadband providers and other local leaders to develop broadband-enabled solutions for education, economic development, healthcare and more. The Smart Rural Communities initiative celebrates the technological leadership of nearly 850 small, community-based rural broadband providers in NTCA’s membership.

“I am so proud of Green Hills Communications for rising to meet the challenge of providing exceptional service in rural America, where our member companies face low population density, geographic obstacles, regulatory hurdles and limited budgets,” said NTCA Chief Executive Officer Shirley Bloomfield. “NTCA’s Smart Rural Community Providers SM are leading by example and charting a course toward an even more vibrant, productive and community-oriented rural America.”