Flooding and road closures are expected through the weekend.

This has been another year for historic and frequent flooding in Northwest Missouri. According to a press release from the Missouri Department of Transportation, since March of this year, much of Northwest Missouri has seen chronic flooding and subsequent road closures. Now, in addition to those long-term closures, flash flooding has affected many roads across the region. Missouri Department of Transportation crews are monitoring road conditions closely and have closed several sections of roadway in the Northwest due to flooding.

In just a few days last weekend residents int he Chillicothe area reported anywhere from 2.79 inches, up to 6 inches of rain. The heavy periods of rain has lead to flooding along the Thompson and Grand rivers.

The National Weather Service out of Kansas City is forecasting more rain throughout the week, which means flooding will continue and more road closures are expected to be announced.

Forecasts are predicting an 80% chance of thunderstorms throughout the day on Wednesday, Oct. 2, with heavy periods of rainfall the Weather Service estimates there could be an additional rain accumulation of up to 2 inches through Wednesday. Areas closer to St. Joseph are expected to get as much as 3 inches of rainfall through Wednesday, Oct. 2. Chances of rain resume again with a 60% chance of rain on Saturday, Oct. 5 and 40% chance of morning showers on Monday, Oct. 7.

The Thompson River was at 31.28 feet on Monday morning; the flood stage is 27 feet. Flooding was expected to continue throughout the week.

At Gallatin, there was minor flooding from the Thompson River, which was expected to crest at 32.4 feet, causing flooding through Wednesday.

Flooding in Chillicothe was considered moderate at its Monday reading of 32.15 feet. It was expected to crest at 34.3 feet, 10 feet above the flood stage, Flooding is expected to continue through mid-week.

Moderate flooding was also reported at the Grand River in Sumner where it was expected to crest at 36.9 feet on Tuesday night, more than 10 feet above the 26 feet flood stage. Flooding in that area is expected through the weekend.

At Brunswick, the Grand River was also flooding and predictions were for a crest of 27.7 feet on Wednesday with flooding through the weeknd. The flood stage is 19 feet.

With flash flooding, roads can be closed or reopened on short notice. To see the most up-to-date list of known roadways closed due to flooding, travelers have a few options:

MoDOT’s App: Search “MoDOT Traveler Information” in your app store MoDOT’s online Traveler Information Map, found at: http://traveler.modot.org/map/ Text report of flooded roads, sortable by county: http://traveler.modot.org/report/modottext.aspx?type=flood MoDOT’s 24-hour Customer Service line: 888 ASK MODOT (1-888-275-6636)

MoDOT reminds motorists to stay alert and to not drive through any water over the roadway. It only takes six inches of water to lose control of your vehicle and possibly be swept into rising floodwaters. For more facts and tips, visit https://www.modot.org/current-flood-information.

Any time there is water over the roadway, there may be unseen damage to the road surface below. Do not drive through water over a roadway or around construction barricades. MoDOT encourages all motorists to Turn Around! Don’t Drown!

To report a roadway with water on it, please call the 24-hour Customer Service line at 888 ASK MODOT (1-888-275-6636).

For information about the ongoing flooding closures and mobility restoration efforts from the spring floods, please visit the 2019 Northwest Missouri Flooding web page: https://www.modot.org/2019-northwest-missouri-flooding.

The Constitution-Tribune’s Angie Talken contributed to this article.