When the Chillicothe City Council met earlier this week they passed approved several ordinances Including accepting a bid for paving on Litton Road, approving an economic development load for B&B Theatres and renewing a lease for a cellular tower.

Repaving of Litton Road will begin in March 2020, according to City Administrator Darrin Chappell. At Monday night’s council meeting the council approved a bid from Metro Asphalt for $296,131. The bid includes milling of the current pavement; paving fabric which, Chappell said will help the repaving last longer, and 1 and ½ inches of new pavement on the road.

A Federal Aid program will cover $178,000 of the project and the remaining balance will be split between the City of Chillicothe and Livingston County.

Dennis McIntire, executive director of development and construction for B&B Theatres attended the council meeting and spoke to those in attendance about the ongoing renovations at the theatres. The council approved a $150,000 economic development loan to the company, which will be repaid over 12 years with 3% interest. Mayor Theresa Kelly noted the interest drawn from the loan is more than the money is earning in CDs, and the loan is a ”win-win” for the city.

Starting Nov. 1, B&B Theatres will begin making monthly payments of $1,033.88 to the city. McIntire noted the certificate of occupancy from the city should be issued on or about Oct. 10, and plans are to reopen the theatre during the month of October, a Chamber of Commerce event is planned for a later date. Renovations and upgrades to the theatre include removal of old seats and installation of more than 300 electric, reclining chairs; new concession stand and bar area with self-serve soda and candy; new restrooms, sound equipment; exterior signage and repaving of the parking lot. McIntire noted it was a $1 million project.

The council approved the loan by a vote of 4-0. Third ward Councilmen Michael Smith was not in attendance at the meeting.

On a vote of 4-0, the council also approved the extension of the lease between the city and Verizon Wireless for a cellular tower near 215 Brunswick. The current lease was set to expire in 2030, however, after being asked to extend the lease, six, five-year terms, the council passed the ordinance. Verizon is required to pay an upfront payment of $40,000. Current annual lease payments are $9,200 and will increase to $11,2000 in October 2020 and by $2,000 a month every two years after that. The new lease expires in October 2060.

Mayor Kelly also asked the council for approval of the appointment of two residents to vacant seats on the city’s Railroad Advisory Board and Planning and Zoning Board of Adjustments.

Both appointments were approved unanimously. David May was appointed to a four-year term on the Railroad Advisory Board. Other members of the Railroad Advisory Board, include Kevin Cumby, Danny Gramenz, Julie Kline, Butch Shaffer and Mel Greg.

Kimberly Ritter was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Board of Adjustments, for a four-year term. The other four members of the board include Ben White, Thomas Jansen, Frank Pagliai and Adam Brown.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., Oct. 14 at City Hall.