The home is a total loss.

A home at Roach Lake burned Wednesday morning.

According to a press release from Chillicothe Fire Department Fire Chief Eric Reeter crews were dispatched to the fire about 9:27 a.m., on Oct. 9, and arrived on scene at 9:35 a.m., where they found the structure to be fully engulfed in flames.

Crews immediately requested mutual aid tanker responses from Dawn, Hale, Wheeling and Chula Fire Departments.

“Since the structure was fully involved, we took a defensive fire attack. The neighboring residential structure was being threatened with fire, so our initial actions were to protect the neighbor’s residence, which we did successfully except for the vinyl siding melting on the West end of the structure,” Reeter said in the press release.

The homeowner said he left the home after he woke up to smoke in his bedroom. Due to the fire he was unable to get to his cell phone, then borrowed a neighbors vehicle and drove to the U.S. Highway 65 bridge and asked crews with the Missouri Department of Transportation to call emergency services.

The residence is a total loss. The homeowner stated he had a small burn to his forearm from plastic that had melted and dripped on his arm, but no other injuries were reported.

The Missouri State Fire Marshall was requested and came to the scene; the cause of the Fire is under investigation at this time.

At one point the Chillicothe Fire Department was without water for approximately 10 minutes until the mutual aid departments arrived, Reeter said, he also noted Hale Fire Department was unable to respond due to equipment repairs.

Fire crews were on the scene until after 1 p.m.