Watch the Price is Right at 10 a.m., Friday on KCTV-5 to see a Chillicothe man as a contestant.

On Friday, Chillicothe residents will have a chance to see one of their own on the Price is Right.

Clinton “Clint” Singleton and his wife, Natalie, recently found themselves in the audience of the popular daytime television show, and Clint was among that day’s guests chosen to go up on stage and share the spotlight with Price is Right Host Drew Carey.

Singleton is a traveling physical therapist said if he is working in an outpatient clinic then most of the time the Price is Right is on. During some time off last month, he and his wife found themselves in Los Angeles, a frequent stop in his travels for work. However, this time, his wife was able to get them some free tickets for the Price is Right, and the couple, along with 270 other people lined up and began their day at the show, in mid-September.

“It is a long day - a day that you have to have lots of energy and be outgoing,” Singleton said noting the taping and time at the studio usually lasts up to six hours.

Upon entering the studio, audience members are given numbers and eventually they are pulled out in groups of 10 to speak with producers, Singleton said that was one of the first clues he had that he might be chosen to actually partake in the show that day.

“I was going all out - showing lots of energy,’ he said. “Before they pulled us off to talk in groups, a CBS employee came up and spoke to my wife and me for a while, so I already thought then I might get chosen.”

After the group interview with 10 other audience members, Singleton and his wife headed into the studio to go to their seats.

“When the employee saw my number she said, ‘Oh, I need you to come up here’,” he recalled. “They had lists of numbers for certain people and then placed you in certain spots in the audience.”

From that point on, Singleton said the studio gets loud, with audience members encouraging the contestants, and loud shots when a person’s name is called to take a place on contestants row.

“I thought I might get chosen, but you have no idea until they actually call your name,” he said.

The mid-September trip to the show was a second for Singleton. He noted free tickets are available online, but it is up to each person to be “so full of energy that they want to chose you,” he said.

Be sure to watch the episode of the Price is Right, featuring Singleton at 10 a.m., Friday on KCTV-5, to see how he did on the show.

“It was fun - it really was a lot of fun,” he said.