Helping Hands is open from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday and the first Saturday of every month starting at 10 a.m.

On Friday, volunteers and community members celebrated the one-year anniversary of helping Hands.

The mission of Helping Hands and House of Prayer Rescue Mission Church is to bless others continuously, where they are with what they need. Since moving Helping Hands into a larger location, a year ago this month, the group is able to do just that. Helping Hands opened at their new location at 209 Henry - the old Garrison School - in October 2018.

“We would not have had the success we have if it were not for the wonderful people and groups within this community,” Taube said. “We cannot express how grateful we are for all of the blessings.”

Several years ago, Terry Taube, resource director, said the idea of “spreading blessings throughout the community,” started when she heard of a young mother in need of clothes.

“I started networking and soon we had just what she needed, and more,” she recalled. “That is kind of how Helping Hands got its start. A network developed and if we knew someone had a need, we would find what they needed. If someone had something to give, we would find someone to bless with it.”

Helping Hands does help those in need with whatever they have on-hand or can locate throughout the community. The organization also runs a resell it shop in the location, offering quality items to anyone in the community.

“The community of Chillicothe has been very, very good to us,” Taube said. “It is a blessing all around. The community blesses us with the things that others need, and then, in turn, others can be blessed as well.”

She added that the group has been able to help community members walking in the shop find shoes, when they had none, or helping others furnish their homes when they found themselves having nothing but a rood over their heads.

A team of steadfast volunteers runs the store, accepting, processing, sorting donations and then helping items find new homes.

Helping Hands is always looking for volunteers and frequently has school and other civic groups come and help. They are also always seeking donations, especially household kitchen items. Taube asks that anyone wishing to donate furniture call and speak with someone before bringing it to Garrison School.

“We gratefully accept gently used donations. We cannot accept all donations so we ask you please call for donation information and times,” Taube said.

Helping Hands can be found on Facebook at Helping Hands of The House Of Prayer, or by calling 752-5260 or 646-3450. Helping Hands is open from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday and the first Saturday of every month starting at 10 a.m.