Our neighborhood expresses our sympathy to David and his sister, Trisha Key in the loss of their mother this past week. The memories that flood back to us of times gone by giving a bit of comfort as a family member leaves this earth and moves on to their eternal home. Memories are a wonderful blessing to us.

This past week Mark and Lois Rice of Raleigh, N.C., visited our home. Friday evening, Seth and Sarah Rice and children, Tristan and Kaylee of Savannah, Tenn., came to stay with us for the weekend. On Saturday, family got together at the home of John and Margret Rice for a soup luncheon and made the annual Cider Squeezing. Numbers were down a bit this year but plans were already being made for next year on Columbus Day weekend. We're going to give the weather another opportunity to be a mild warm day to smash apples, swap stories, and warn everyone to not drink too much cider. Saturday evening many of the family were able to come out to the farm at Dean and Cathy Rice's to share some BBQ'd beef and fixins. More stories were told and laughter was heard probably all the way into Hickory.

I see that the Poosey tour will be this Sunday afternoon. I do love to drive to Panthers Den. I recall a time with Cowboy Dean back in the olden days. We may have skipped a bit of school on that day in our Senior Year when we ventured to Panthers Den. At that time you had to crawl over fences and wallow through waist high pasture to get there. Such a romantic adventure. Most vivid memory... that we were covered in ticks. Yup that will kill the romance kids. This summer a visiting college student and I decided to walk back to Panthers Den but the high water made me chicken out. The college student, Michela well, she traveled on until the road took a bend and trees closed in and she got spooked. I might have embellished the "Panther" portion of the story but, I sure enjoyed the walk back to the truck.

Last week, I was going through inherited paper from my father after his passing. I know at one point in time I saw the deeds to extra cemetery plots that he had purchased, but to date I can't put my fingers on them. They are here tucked safely away, somewhere, but the interesting find was plain manila envelopes that contained our family history back to 1670. Oh what terribly entertaining information I found. Hours were spent realizing how I might (most likely am) a cousin to Cowboy Dean. I have laughed repeatedly reading how at one point part of the family made a lot of money mining. ( Somebody spent that before it got handed down!) and one fella was a tracker and tracked marauding Indians in Arizona that had killed his family and later sounded to me like he became a bounty hunter. Will I leave a legacy of stories that will be passed down? I hope someone reads some story about me and mine and smiles.

This week find a day to make an adventure, create a memory, or at least bring a laugh to your face.