Access II Independent Living Center is currently working with a local contractor to finalize plans for a Community Wellness Center. The facility will be built on property already owned by Access II ILC, inside the Industrial Park located off Highway 6 in Gallatin. The 10,000 sq. ft. facility will be open to the public and will serve two main functions. One side of the facility will be a fully accessible fitness center with 24- hour key fob access. Community members will have the option to purchase memberships for a monthly fee and some may qualify for memberships on a sliding scale. The design of the facility and the equipment inside will allow for people with, and without disabilities, to work toward their fitness and rehabilitation goals. This will be the only public fitness center of its kind in the area where a person who uses a wheelchair or assistive device will have access to this type of equipment.

“We are excited for what the future holds with this project,” said Jessica Adkins, Access II marketing and development director. “We know this is a big project, but we also know that the need for these services is great, and this is something our community and our consumers need to be healthy and independent.”

The Wellness Center will also house a large community room with a fully accessible kitchen, bathroom and shower, tables and chairs and will be available to public and private groups, community classes, and events. Plans for the facility also include classrooms, accessible men’s and women’s locker rooms, showers, and changing areas. Additional uses for the facility include operating as a cooling and heating center during extreme temperatures, as well as a post-disaster emergency shelter if the need arises.

Access II will also open the facility to anyone who is needing to take a shower who does not have access to do so at home due to their disability.

Future additions to the property would include an outdoor patio and seating area, accessible playground, and walking trail around the property.

Funding for the center is still in the works. Access II is currently working on securing funding for the facility through grants and will be planning future community fundraising events.

“We will need to raise $600,000 to make the facility a reality,” Adkins said. “We are now asking

that community members, businesses, and organizations who would like to see this project happen support us in any way they can. Opportunities for sponsorships, and memorial contributions are available.”

Access II staff have been consulting with city officials on possible grants and funding options for the facility including the Neighborhood Assistance Program. Funding for the tables, chairs, and appliances for the Community Room has already been secured by a grant through the Gallatin Rotary Club. Access II staff say they have submitted multiple grants, and program funding applications, but will need community support to make the project happen.

Construction on the facility is planned for early 2020.

Jessica Adkins is the marketing and development director for Access II.