Over 200 people attended the Operation Help Spaghetti Supper on Oct. 18 at the First Christian Church. The annual events brings the entire congregation into a large team of volunteers who set-up prepare and serve the food, Zelma Cleavland, moderator, said in a press release.

“In addition, we had troops of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts who assisted diners cleared the tables and helped clean dishes and trays,” Cleavland wrote. “People from outside the church also donated time, money and desserts. The good news was the wonderful weather and fellowship; the only bad news was running short of spaghetti sauce in spite of an increase int he quantity, causing us to close the doors a few minutes earlier than planned. Look forward to more sauce to be prepared for next year.”

The funds raised from the dinner will benefit area residents. This year the annual event raised $2,930.43 for Operation Help.