Hallie Medals At State

Yes, It’s A Win--CHS Golf season is over, but the memories will last a lifetime. We want to congratulate Hallie Rae Jones on an outstanding season as a Lady Hornet Golfer. I am sure she has learned a lot, accomplished a lot and stood strong. You set your goals and then strive and accomplish them in fashion and Hallie certainly did just that. Maneuvering each course and each hole like a piece of art. Her family and friends feel so blessed to have had a chance to walk the walk and follow her throughout some beautiful acres of courses. Hallie completed the two-day MSHSAA Tournament at Fremont Hills Course with a 183 score, tying her for 14th place with the top 15 golfers receiving medals out of 90 girls. Hallie is the 1st Lady Hornet since Liz Sivill in 2011 to medal in the Class 1 Championships. OUTSTANDING!!

Great news for you travelers—Carroll County U.S. Highway 65 is now open from Highway 24 in

Carrollton to Waverly. How wonderful, safe travels.

Okay, it’s that time of year again. Falling back an hour with Day Light Savings Time. Turn those clocks back an hour before you head to bed Saturday night.

Stanley and Dollie Boyd will observe their 50th wedding anniversary Nov. 7. Cards and

notes may be sent to their home: 408 Polk, Chillicothe, Mo. 64601.

The 2 th annual BooFest in downtown Chillicothe Thursday evening. Around 1500 ghosts and goblins visit downtown for tricks and treats along with Livingston County Library again this year handing out books. Be safe and go out and have a spooky good night.

One last time, if you wish to help out the local FFA Chapter and share some chores with them call 660-646-3131. Barnwarming is Nov. 9.

Birthdays this week include: today, Mary Louise Haynes, Chris Baker, Wade Maupin, Tim Ware, Larry Ward and Jewell Frizzell; Thursday, our Dear Friend, Lovie Lightner, Kathy Baxter, Ray Cothern, Dorothy Carlson, Harold Dewey #92, Carlee Marie Regan, Josh Alexander, Katherine McIntyre, Bruna Vaught, Shelly Holcer, Kim Hoyt, Ashley Cooper and Bernie Hogan; Friday, Chillicothe’s Entrepreneur, Nicole Cleaveland Booth—as in Nico’Z, Beverly Spainhour, Anthony Shiflett, Sue Jameson, Jared Anderson and Monica Palmer; Saturday, Jan Logan, Kenny Tipton, Holly Lucas, Carl Corf, Tim Lindley, Katie Quinn, Jared Kehr and Thelma Davenport #88; Sunday, Tucker Narr, Jeff Beemer, Mary Underwood, Maddison Marie Gabel, Adam Warren, Kaydee Busse, Bonnie Bosler, Steve Boyles, Darlene Botts, Lacy Bagley and Lynn Bagley; Monday, our Niece Ginger Jones, Donnie Gates, Ella Caldwell, Al Horton, Sherry Epperson, Kevin Cokerham, Darlene Lowe and Sherry Hecker; Tuesday, Eileen Gordon, Bill Gilliland, Chad Vulgamott, Martha King, Karen Upton, Norma Abbott, Shelly Roberts and Warren Minnis.

Wedding anniversaries include: Bob and Mary Conrad, Paul and Sheila Ealey, Hop and Annabell Stuver, Shawn and Dorothy Wooden, Cecil and Brenda Samm, Butch and Linda Thomas, Kurt and Phyllis Reith, Dr. Bob and Carol Sloan, Pat and Paula McCoy, Nelson and Connie Burton, John and Kerry Schneider, Stanley and Dolly Boyd, David and Amy Daniel, Lawrence and Dorothy Hinnen, Sean and Chris Fleming, Willard and Barbara Todd, Sam and Jan Bentley and Paul and Hazel Shelton.