Poppies will be handed out at various locations around town.

On Monday, Nov. 6, Chillicothe Mayor Theresa Kelly signed a proclamation making Nov. 7-9, 2019, as “Poppy Days” is Chillicothe. George Laprade, (left) commander of Chillicothe VFW Post 858 and Edwin Allender (right) quartermaster of VFW Post 858 joined Kelly for the signing. Laprade said poppies will be handed out outside of HyVee, HyVee Gas Station and Sliced Bread Market on Nov. 7-9.

Poppies became a symbol of wartime death based on a poem called "In Flanders Fields" written by Lt. Col. John McCrae, a Canadian military surgeon, about the sight of the brilliant flowers growing on a bloody World War I battlefield. McCrae wrote the poem to honor the sacrifice made by the soldiers who lost their lives during a battle in West Flanders, Belgium.

According to the proclamation, the distribution of poppies by the VFW has been recognized since 1922.

“The basic purpose of the annual distribution of poppies by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and their Ladies Auxiliary is reflected in their desire to “Honor the Dead by Helping the Living.”

VFW poppies are assembled by disabled veterans and any donations are used for the needs of disabled or needy veterans, their widows or orphans of deceased veterans.