Blue Mound Cowboy Church will be welcoming everyone at the Church doors at 7 a.m. on Nov. 10. Also, music will be flowing thru the doors as you enter. Don’t forget to set your alarms and come to Blue Mound. Come hungry, get your soul fed as well as hour tummy and leave feeling blessed.

Melissa, Cortney and Laci Bealer enjoyed Sunday dinner with Laci Peterson in Buffalo, Mo.

Doug, Chuck and Ray Bunch from Wyoming, visited their Missouri Bunch relatives. Their father was my mother’s cousin’s son.

I am finally ready to express my feelings, anger, and maybe pity in something that happened to my home and world. As I was leaving my home, at 7 a.m. on Oct.. 19, I met a yellow car being followed by a dual-wheeled pickup. I thought this did not look right. I called one of my sons with my concerns. Then it came over the radio there was a manhunt in this area and to lock your doors. When I had called my son, I commented that I hoped they didn’t steal my pick up. My son and a friend came and locked my pick up and took the keys around 10:30 a.m. When my son returned around 4 p.m. my pick up was gone. Meanwhile I had a AFB incident and a rapid heartbeat of 181. When I got out of the hospital on Wednesday evening and entered my home, I found several articles were missing. I don’t understand why some people have no respect or pride in themselves. Surely, the parents of these thieves have wondered where they went wrong, it is so sad they are hurting their parents, grandparents and maybe children.

When they are caught I think they should be made to work, building fences, cleaning fence rows, clean up jobs of manual labor. Not be allowed to sit in a warm jail cell and given three good meals and many nice bonuses that the average taxpayer is paying for. Therefore, we become the punished.

A few more details of my pick-up, it is a black pick-up with chrome door pulls, has a black and white gooseneck trailer hitch as well as a bumper trailer hitch, Big Beast mirrors. It is a Diesel 4 wheel drive, automatic. Should you see it call the law or give me a call. I would really appreciate the help.