Soybeans and corn are being shelled and tucked into bins. Leaves have changed colors and most have fallen from the trees. I'm not positive but I think we've done had us a cold snap. Are we done yet with this fall/winterish weather? I'm quite confident that I've had enough . Could be I'm getting old and cranky or perhaps I'm just not looking forward to cold and blowing snow. Last weekend, Friday, and Saturday evenings and Sunday Morning Shelburne was blessed with wonderful revival services. Steadfast Grace from Princeton provided the praise music and Pastor Alan Brock gave 3 messages that I didn't much want to listen to. If you've never heard messages that twisted up your inerds it is probably time that you find a pastor that isn't afraid to offend you. On Friday Pastor Brock discussed how we need to allow almighty God to refocus us because we can get distracted. Using Colosians 1:3-8. Jesus is enough. God want us to focus on Jesus. We are to show our gratitude and declare it publicly. We are to have Faith in the ability of God and declare it publicly. We are to love and declare our love publicly. We are to have hope and declare that Jesus is enough. When we are grouchy, our self is in charge. We feel we have the right to be grouchy. The Greek word for that is bologna. We need to repent of our sin and love one another. We need to stop being spectators and start being disciples. On Sunday following the morning service we held a potluck meal and celebrated Pastor Appreciation for our pastor, Aaron Stark and for pastor Alan Brock and their families. Our congregation is very blessed.