The GFWC Chillicothe Culture Club met on Nov. 6, at the First Baptist Church. Hostesses of the day were Diana Mapel and Jody Plummer.

The meeting opened with our program of the day: "Zaki on the Hunt". Sheriff's Deputy Nicholas Ledbetter brought K-9 Zaki, to demonstrate how the dog is used to keep our community safe. Zaki was bred and born in Belgium and has worked with Deputy Ledbetter since he arrived in our city and is all business. Zaki is trained in apprehension, tracking article and people search. His demonstration of the day involved tracking a bag of drugs that had been hidden in the room before bringing Zaki inside. He quickly made the rounds of several dummy bags and quickly honed in on the hidden one. Officer Ledbetter said Zaki has been in volved in about 14 events in 2018 and over 200 this year and has located wanted fugitives, a discarded gun, lost people and lots of drugs. The club honorarium of the day went to Zaki and an additional check from club members was presented for his care.

Following the demonstration, the meeting was called to order by Vice President Louise Reasoner. The business meeting followed with the treasurer's report, the Pledges to the American and Missouri flags, the minutes, and courtesy. 16 members answered roll call including new member Debbie Hershberger.

Zelma Cleaveland, Mary Underwood and Diana Mapel shared their visit to the Braymer Club for an exchange meeting. Several members of the Braymer Club had recently traveled to Italy and Greece and shared their photos, some of their souvenirs and a luncheon. The Chillicothe and Braymer clubs have shared a longstanding relationship and enjoy getting together.

Members will decide on a Christmas community project at the next meeting which will be held in the home of Carol Gutshall on Dec. 4, at 11:30 a.m. This will be our Christmas luncheon and there will be a special program. Members signed up for side dishes for the luncheon and members who were not present will be called and reminded.

The meeting closed with the Club Collect.