The Chillicothe Fire Department was dispatched to possible stricture fire Monday morning, and upon arrival found fire int he attic of the home and also a large trash pile burning behind the home.

According to a press release from Chillicothe Fire Department Capt. Derrick Allen firefighters were dispatched at 9:47 a.m., to a possible structure fire at a home at 1462 Trenton Road.

Allen said crews arrived on the scene and saw smoke coming from the roof. Inside the home, they initially saw no fire.

“We determined the fire was in the attic near the chimney area, he said. “We gained access into the attic area and found fire and smoke.”

Crews sprayed approximately 1000 gallons of water mixed with foam onto the affected areas and fully extinguished the fire.”

Crews also used 700 gallons of water to extinguish a large trash pile that was about 100 yards behind the house.

Crews were at the scene until 11:12 a.m., Monday.