High School Holiday Hoops 2019 will tip off in another month and once again, an army of volunteers are needed in supporting roles for the on-going effectiveness of the big event.

Hoops Director Steve Maxey said that over 250 volunteers regularly assist in the multi-day event and nothing has changed, that number will be needed once again.

Volunteer roles to be filled include serving as team hosts, operating the official clock and keeping the official scorebook, assisting with hospitality and hosting the official Hoops counter. “As in the past, numerous organizations and businesses have hosted specific days allowing them to function at the front gate selling tickets and programs. And this year, more groups are becoming involved in this role,” Maxey said. “Individuals wanting to assist with Holiday Hoops receive no compensation but are presented with admission passes allowing them to attend any and all games when not working.”

Holiday Hoops is the largest high school holiday basketball shoot-out in the state.

Persons wanting to assist should get their name, desired volunteer role and phone number or email address to Maxey at 660-359-7244 or maxeysteve@gmail.com. Persons wanting to

become a team host can also contact Joel Hultman, chair of team hosts at 660-654-0540 or by email at jhultman@trentonr9.k12.mo.us. Volunteers can also contact Alicia Endicott in the

NCMC Foundation Office at 660-357-6403 and share their interests.

Holiday Hoops 2019 will begin on Friday, Dec. 14 with nearly 70 games being played at the

Ketcham Community Center on the NCMC campus in Trenton. The final games will be played on Dec. 31.