The family of Kay Young combined the first day of deer season with Thanksgiving and converged at the home of Kay Young on Saturday, Nov. 16, for a great meal (or two) and much visiting. Those attending were Steve and Janet Young, Jesse, Christy, Emily (and her friend, Tyler) and Jack Gray, Aaron, Alec, Austin and Aiden Fowler, Stacy Young, Andy, Sarah, Tanner, Gunner and Sadie Young; Bill and Deb Young, Brad and Cat Young, Justin, Rebecca, Kaydence, Spenser and Gus Coram; Tony Young and friend, Lorie, Brian, Kasey, Alexa, Aubrey and Avery Young, Tyler, Ranae, Levi, and Cade Coberley; Darren and Jackie Smith, Cody, Hailey, Paityn and Hinley Smith, Derek and Karter Smith.

Guests of Eudora Fitzpatrick on Thanksgiving Day were J. W. and Haley Fitzpatrick, Donald and Danelle Herring.

Thanksgiving Day guests of Virgil and Janeta Smith were Joy Main, Ben, Jennifer, Galen, Patrick and Theo Davis, Matt, Julie, and Zack Brown, Christian Rhodes, Makenna and Sophie Keller, Jared, Erin and Olivia Main; Jed and Jill Angell, Jardyn, Krista and Dekker Angell, Jimmy, Jaci, Micah and Ainsley Gesling; Darren and Jackie Smith, Cody, Paityn and Hinley Smith, Derek Smith, Devin Heussner; Blaine, Mishelle, and Quentyn Smith, Derek, Samantha, Landyn, Raeli, and Westyn Bloss, Amanda and Emmaline Valentine.

Eric, Tara, Sascha and Siena Polonski, Austin, Texas, were Thanksgiving guests of Ray and Mary Jo Shields. Other guests were Sam Giovinco, Rachel and Baylor Young.

Guests of Orville Buckman Thanksgiving evening were Terry and Barbara Keller, Ben, Jenessa, Brooklyn and Emmerson Keller.

Rex and Pat Wood were guests of Nate, Jody, Emma, Elle and Logen Brady Thanksgiving Day; they were joined by Rex, Carrie and Drew Hall.

Connie Sallee hosted her family’s Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, Nov. 30. Guests were Matt, Bailey and Calvin Fecke on leave from Germany, Eric, Whitney and Dean Thorson from Ankeny, Iowa, Gary, Tami and Cameron West, Davenport, Iowa, Stan and Kelly Wolf, Hamilton, Carl Cappersor, Utica, Mike and Jerry Sallee.

Gary and Leta Coffey spent Wednesday through Saturday, Nov. 27-30 with Phil and Lynn Bagley; Trudy Buckman and Lacey Bagley were Wednesday evening guests. They were joined by Bill and Reta Riley, Scarlet and Jason Ragus, Kevin and Katie Ledford, Glen McCollum, and Jesse Buckman on Thanksgiving Day. On Friday Gary and Leta Coffey, Phil and Lynn Bagley, Trudy Buckman and Lacey Bagley ate lunch with Jesse Buckman.

A Happy Birthday is wished for Kasey Waterman, John Waterman on Dec. 8; Caleb Warren, David Woolf, Sandy Meyers, Timothy Kehr, Beatrice Schmitz on Dec. 9; Ryan Stone, Sadie Marie Young on Dec. 10; Sarah Gibson, Rick Tate, Halie Rollison, Bentley Littrell, Lucas Nickell on Dec. 11; Logan Stanton, Tom Parks (past county sheriff), Janeta Smith, Kallie High, Wiley Meneely, Dorothy Greene (Linneus resident-89) on Dec. 12; Isaac Schmitz, Mike Sargent, Lillian Neill, Dusty Parks on Dec. 13.

A Happy Anniversary is wished for Randall and Sharon Young on Dec. 8; Steve and Bev Howe on Dec. 10.