The Chillicothe Fire Department (CFD) responded to a propane tank fire at about 6:12 p.m., on Dec. 4, at 1414 Clay St.

According to a report from CFD Capt. and EMT Tracy Bradley said the fire crews were notified by the Chillicothe Police Department about a 40-pound propane bottle on fire in the front yard of the residence on Clay Street.

“Engine 1 and Medic 1 arrived to find the bottle laying on its side with the shut-off valve towards the house,” Bradley said. “We used a pre-connect to place a fog pattern on the bottle to start cooling it and then advanced towards the side of the bottle and initially found the valve to be stuck open. We continued cooling the bottle while we turned the valve off.”

Bradley said the resident of the home stated they were trying to hook the propane bottle to a heater inside the residence and when they turned the bottle on, it shot flames out of the regulator/connector area.

“The gentleman trying to hook it up was able to drag the bottle off the front porch and into the front yard and stated that they had everything working three days ago but had refilled the bottles that day,” Bradley said.

Crews then used the thermal camera to check for any hot spots in the living room and its contents and advised the resident to air out the house as it still smelled of propane and cautioned them that they should not be placing these bottles inside the home.

One resident reported blisters beginning to appear on his hands after trying to shut off the tank and getting it outside the home.