There is currently an ongoing investigation into possible child neglect in southern Livingston County.

According to a press release from Sheriff Steve Cox, on Jan. 2, the Livingston County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) responded to a location in southern Livingston County after a citizen reported possible child neglect.

“The report indicated two small children were found to be in grotesque conditions with a horrible odor of feces, urine and rotting food,” Cox said. “One deputy reported having to leave the interior of the home to vomit due to the conditions. The home also had no running water and the occupants were utilizing "buckets" for all their needs.”

The two small children were then removed from the home and taken to Hedrick Medical Center for examination. Cox said the children had reportedly been in the home since Dec. 31 when one or more caretakers had dropped the kids off “so they could go party.”

The Division of Family Services was notified as was Senior Services due to the living conditions and there being an elderly resident in the home as well.

Cox noted the investigation is continuing and initial reports show the father has one or more outstanding arrest warrants.