Lists should be returned by March 1.

Livingston County Assessor, Steve Ripley, reminds property owners, including businesses, that they must report all personal property owned on Jan. 1, 2020 to the Assessor’s Office by March 1, 2020. Those not returning a completed list to the assessor by the deadline may be subject to a penalty.

Penalties range from $10 to $100 depending upon the value of the property and state statutes provide the assessor with almost no discretion to waive the penalties.

Ripley reports his office has mailed the list pf previously owned personal property to every property owner reflected on the assessor’s records. If anyone failed to receive a form or lost the form, a new one can be obtained by contacting the assessor’s office at 660-646-8000 ext. 2 or stopping by Suite #3 at the Livingston County Courthouse.

Any new Livingston County residents or first-time property owners must contact the assessors’ office to be placed on the books.

Ripley suggests that you examine the form carefully, and follow the instructions provided, Anyone needing help filling out the form is encouraged to call or stop-by the assessor’s office,

adding any personal property you owned as of Jan. 1, 2019, and providing the vehicle

identification number (VIN), and marking through any items you no longer own.

E-filing will be available to report personal and business property. Property owners will notice an

ePin number printed on their 2020 property list, this number will be unique to each individual

account. Follow the instructions to file your personal property with the assessor’s office, or, if you choose, you can complete the paper form and return it to the assessor’s office.

e-File Instructions are as follows:

Visit the website:; Click the “efile personal property” button; (Each screen will step you through the process, but you can print these instructions for reference). Have the Personal Property Assessment List you received in the mail available; Enter your account number located on the Personal Property Assessment List; Enter your ePIN located on the Personal Property Assessment List; Verify that you are on the correct account ◦“No” indicates that it is not the correct account ◦“Yes, and no changes are needed” indicates that it is the correct account and the list of property displayed accurately reflects the property you owned as of January 1st ◦“Yes, and edits are needed” indicates that it is the correct account and the list of property displayed needs editing to accurately reflect the property you owned as of Jan. 1; Verify your physical address as of Jan. 1 and your current mailing address, edit the address(es) if changes are necessary; Enter your phone number ◦The assessor requires a phone number OR email address in case there are questions pertaining to your form during processing; Select whether your physical address was inside or outside city limits as of Jan. 1; Select whether you had moved from the listed physical address, and if applicable enter in the date you moved; Select whether or not you also own real estate in Livingston County; Add, Edit or Delete Items from the account until the list of property accurately reflects the the property owned as of Jan. 1; Review your changes; Digitally sign the Personal Property Assessment List; Press submit; and Once completed, save or print the PDF page for your records.