The American Bald Eagle received medical treatment for nearly a month.

An American bald Eagle has been rehabilitated and is now freely flying high above after receiving medical treatment and regaining strength. On Saturday, Feb. 12, representatives from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and the University of Missouri Raptor Project team met at Fountain Grove Conservation Area to release a recently rehabilitated American Bald Eagle back into the wild. The eagle was originally captured, unable to fly, by Linn County Conservation Agent Griffin Surtin near Hecla, north of Meadville about a month ago. According to a press release, the bird could run, or hop, but was too weak to fly. The MU Raptor Project team found it had no broken bones, but was severely dehydrated and anemic. After treating its medical problems, it was able to fly once more and was ready for release. Once out of its box, it flew strongly in the direction of Hecla.