All of the training was free.

Over the last month, several members of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) have attended specialized training, according to a press release from Sheriff Steve Cox.

On Feb. 18 Detective Ryan Ford attended 4 hours of training at St. Joseph Police Department and is now certified as the instructor for the Live Scan Fingerprint System at the LCSO.

“The Live Scan collects fingerprints from people for various reasons such as criminal arrest, employment applicants, registered sex offenders, concealed carry applications and court orders,” Cox said. “The instrument can almost instantly check the identity of the person printed compared to known fingerprints in the nationwide database. The suspect also has the ability to submit those prints to databases on criminal history and jail detainee submissions.” The course was free to the LCSO.

Recently, Deputy Jordan Williams and Deputy Nicholas Leadbetter attended a 6-hour training block in Sedalia on Marijuana Minutes. This course provided training on the effects of marijuana and marijuana extracts on the user, how they are made and indicators of impairment. Cox said the presentation also covered specific rules and regulations of marijuana, purchase and cultivation with regard to law enforcement. Cox noted this training was also free.

Deputy Terry Wilson and Deputy Brad Aldrich attended a three-day training the first week of March with Midwest Counterdrug Training Center at Fort Dodge, Iowa.

“The training was geared towards drug enforcement, interviews and investigations,” Cox said. “The courses given by Midwest Counterdrug Training Center are top notch and are free to law enforcement.”

On March 6, Deputy Jennifer Plummer and Deputy Brad Aldrich attended Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement Systems (M.U.L.E.S.) training in St. Joseph. This certifies the officers to access the law enforcement database for work use. The training was free for the LCSO.

Deputy Williams also attended an 8-hour refresher training on March 9 on Standardized Field Sobriety Testing.

“Deputy Williams excels at driving while intoxicated investigations both under alcohol and drugs,” Cox said. “Deputy Williams will be attending advanced DWI training in the near future.”

Cox attended the Missouri Sheriffs' Association Spring Training Conference, at which, training was provided on Medical Marijuana Updates, Marijuana Enforcement After Amendment 2, Media Program, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Legal Updates.

“Missouri sheriffs also had a lengthy business meeting and many other discussions on various issues on the daily operations for the office of sheriff,” Cox noted.