Hedrick Medical Center is no longer allowing visitors in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations on social distancing and to protect patients and staff.

According to St. Luke’s website, all St. Luke’s facilities, including HMC have stopped allowing most visitors, have limited entrances to the building and are pre-screening anyone who enters the building.

Exceptions made to the no visitors rule, include:

When patient is a minor; When patient is in labor & delivery; When patient requires assistance to move through the hospital; When patient is confused or developmentally disabled; When patient is undergoing procedure with conscious sedation; When patient requires transportation to long-term or skilled nursing facility; or When patient is at end of life.

Entrances to HMC are now limited to the main entrances, emergency room, clinic entrances and a single loading/receiving dock.

According to the website, At each of these entrances, everyone will be screened for cough, fever and other cold/flu symptoms as well as the reason for their visit. This applies to all patients, vendors, contractors, volunteers, and non-SLHS providers. If a patient is experiencing respiratory symptoms, they will be asked to wear a mask while inside.