Recent incident reports from Livingston County.

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox has released recent incident reports, they include a burglary investigation and several calls to Utica.

The Livingston County Sheriffs Office (LCSO) has been investigating a burglary and theft from a business on LIV 249 where a space heater and hamper were stolen on or about Feb. 23. Various pieces of evidence have been recovered and similar businesses were also burglarized around the same date in other areas of Missouri. Investigation continues.

According to the press release from Cox, LCSO has completed an investigation of alleged violation of full order of protection and phone harassment. The alleged suspect is incarcerated in the Missouri Department of Corrections and reportedly contacting victim by phone and using other offenders in DOC to assist with crime. Report being submitted to prosecuting attorney for consideration.

On Feb. 23, LCSO investigated a report of a vehicle off in a field. Investigation shows male suspect for unknown reasons drove into a pasture and became stuck. The male driver appeared to be under the influence of drug(s) and was further investigated for DWI under drugs. The driver submitted to a blood sample request and was released pending lab report.

On Feb. 29, LCSO assisted the Missouri State Highway Patrol on an incident in Wheeling. A person had reportedly eluded the trooper and LCSO assisted that trooper in locating the suspected vehicle in the 500 block of South 2nd Street in Wheeling. Further investigation led to the seizure of methamphetamine smoking pipe, marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. A 27-year-old Wheeling man was cited for alleged possession of drug paraphernalia. Additional investigation continues.

March 2, LCSO began investigation of reported domestic assault that took allegedly place in the 22000 block of Highway Z. Reported victim claimed she and an adult male threw soda on each other and continued arguing which turned into physical assault by both persons. Information obtained and report is being submitted to prosecuting attorney for consideration of charges on one or both persons involved.

Also on March 2, LCSO responded to a reported domestic assault on LIV 251. The reported victim alleged she and a sibling had gotten into a physical altercation and that the sister had left with a parent to seek treatment at the hospital. The other person involved was never located and the alleged victim has refused to cooperate further. No further investigation taking place.

LCSO began an investigation on the concern of animal neglect on March 4. Information was collected and a report will be submitted to prosecuting attorney for consideration.

Also on March 4, an LCSO deputy began investigation for possible felony where a person was observed driving without valid license and has multiple convictions. Information being submitted to prosecuting attorney for consideration.

On March 6, the LCSO began investigation in southern Livingston County regarding concern of animal abuse/neglect. Animals were checked on and investigation continues.

LCSO investigated a report of an assault at a business in Avalon on March 8. The victim reported an adult male was upset with her and grabbed her by the neck, shoved her against the wall and held her there for a short period of time. Suspect was interviewed and Robbie N. Watson, 48, Chillicothe, was arrested for alleged assault. Information submitted to prosecuting attorney.

Also on March 8, LCSO assisted the Chillicothe Police with a theft investigation from Walmart. Suspects allegedly left without paying for a cart of groceries after the EBT card they attempted to use would not work. The suspected card was located and did not belong to the people who attempted to use it. Both suspects were located in Wheeling and ultimately turned over to the Chillicothe Police Department for additional investigation.

On March 10, the investigation into trash problems with a residence in Utica was initiated. Contact made with parties and neighbors tired trash blowing into the road and onto their property from nearby residence. Since problem continues occurring report being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration.

On March 11, LCSO checked on progress of previous animal complaint and noted the horse appears in better condition and is under DVM guidance with animal owner.

The LCSO began an investigation on March 12 of a registered sex offender failing to adhere to required registration in that he allegedly did not report a new address. Report being submitted to prosecuting attorney for consideration.

On March 13, LCSO began investigation on hindering prosecution where suspect was aiding the assistance of a wanted felony fugitive. Investigation continues.

Also on March 13 LCSO again investigated report of horse(s) running at large in Utica and at times near U.S. Highway 36. Problem was resolved and a Chillicothe resident was issued a citation for alleged animal trespass as this has been a frequent problem and needs more attention.

The LCSO checked on some people in Utica on March 18 and during that contact found one adult male to allegedly be in possession of methamphetamine. Suspect allegedly tampered with physical evidence in stomping on a meth pipe. Evidence seized and will be sent to Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Lab for proper identification.

Also in Utica on March 18, LCSO deputy responded to a call about a used syringe in or near the park in Utica. Item was seized and destroyed.

On March 21, LCSO began an investigation of fraud and identity theft of local residents after learning credit had been applied for outside of this area with the victim's name and personal information. Investigation continues.

Cox also noted that the department has completed an investigation of hindering prosecution and Possession of methamphetamine from Feb. 23. Adult female suspect was allegedly helping a known felony fugitive avoid law enforcement and she was also found to be in possession of drug(s) and drug equipment. Report being submitted to prosecuting attorney.