Filing ended March 31.

Filing for the Aug. 4 primary election ended March 31. The following candidates filed for office in Livingston County:

Assessor: Steve Ripley, Democrat. Collector/Treasurer: Diana Havens, Republican; Kaley Holmes, Republican; Teresa Sykes, Democrat. Coroner: J, Scott Lindley, Democrat; Joshua Dennis, Republican. Eastern District County Commissioner: Alvin Thompson, Republican, Roger Barnes, Republican. Western District County Commissioner; David Mapel, Republican; Kris Daniel, Democrat. Public Administrator: Geri Curtis, Republican; Whitney Ballard, Republican. Sheriff: Steve Cox, Republican; Richard Knouse, Republican. First Ward Chillicothe Committeewoman: Debbie Hershberger, Republican. Second Ward Chillicothe Committeeman: Dean Brookshire, Republican. Fourth Ward Chillicothe Committeeman: Cliff Harlow, Republican. Fourth Ward Chillicothe Committeewoman: Kathy Harlow, Republican. Chillicothe Township Committeewoman: Wilma Louise Reasoner, Republican. Blue Mound Committeewoman: Sherry S. Jones, Republican. Cream Ridge Township Committeeman: James C. Meservey, Republican. Cream Ridge Township Committeewoman: Ann L. Meservey, Republican. Fairview Township Committeeman: Steven Whiteside, Republican. Fairview Township Committeewoman: Mary Pat Whiteside, Republican. Jackson Township Committeewoman: Karie Black, Republican. Jackson Township Committeeman: Rusty Black, Republican. Medicine Township Committeeman: Deane Jacobs, Republican. Medicine Township Committeewoman: Rita Jacobs, Republican. Rich Hill Township Committeeman: David Beck, Republican. Wheeling Township Committeeman: Jerry H. Norman, Republican. Wheeling Township Committeewoman: Nikki Norman, Republican.