Anyone with information should call 646-2121.

An investigation is ongoing in regards to theft of approximately $7,500 on parts stolen from 10 OATS vehicles sitting on the parking lot at the Grand River Multipurpose Center

Chillicothe Police Department Detective Whitney Murdock said a call came into dispatch at about 3:30 p.m., Sunday, April 5.

“We received a report of a black Dodge pick-up seen leaving the area, the caller was able to get a license plate number,” she said. “We have run the plate and have been reviewing video surveillance from nearby businesses.”

The original caller noted there were parts stolen off of 10 vehicles sitting on the lot, which had last been used about 24 hours before.

Investigation showed someone had taken the resonator off of each of the vehicles., totaling nearly $7,500, Murdock said noting that theft of automobile parts has been a problem in the Chillicothe area in the past, but not recently.

“Other area agencies are reporting it to be a problem in their jurisdictions,” Murdock said. “It very well may become a problem here again.”

Anyone with information should call the Chillicothe Police Department at 646-2121.