Hornet Express Tunnel Wash isn't just the newest, it is also the fastest car wash in town, Howard Weldon said.

There is a new car wash in town.

Hornet Express Tunnel Wash isn’t just the newest, it is also the fastest car wash in town, Howard Weldon said.

“From the rinse to pulling into the building is about minutes then once in the tunnel from start to finish from rinse to wash takes about two minutes to do the entire wash. About a minute on the prep and rinse off and then about another minute going through the wash system itself,” Weldon, one of the co-owners said.

The fastest wash times, and tunnel design - which pulls the car on a conveyor through the systems, are also unique to the business located at 300 N. Washington Street.

“This is a tunnel wash, not a hand wash - or automatic wash where the car sits still,” Weldon explained. “Tunnel wash means you pull into the building and the car will be rinsed by attendant then the vehicle will attach to a conveyor that will pull you through the equipment as it washes your vehicle.”

Once the was is complete customers can use the free vacuums.

Area residents have noticed the ongoing construction work at the business, off and on, for several months.

Weldon said construction and remodeling of the old car wash started back in November.

What we did was modify the building to convert it from the drive-thru automatic and self-service bays to the existing tunnel wash. To make that happen we removed a portion of the walls that separated each of the bays.”

Access and usage of the building are now from north to west, across the length of the building.

Weldon says as the weather warms and the current stay-at-home order is lifted he expects to see increased usage of the carwash and as that starts hours are subject to change.

Currently, Hornet Express Tunnel Wash is open flexible hours 7 a.m.- 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. Summer hours are planned to be 7 a.m.- 8/9 p.m.

Weldon noted customers can take advantage of monthly memberships and fleet pricing, as well.

When open, the business is staffed by at least three attendants at all times, lead by full-time manager Kyle King.

Weldon, co-owns the business with his wife, Sherry, son, Scott and daughter-in-law, Mackenzie Weldon.