Following a March 24 call to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, reporting a vehicle stuck in a cemetery along Route V east of Chillicothe, William Rex long, 24, Chillicothe, was arrested. Deputies seized a variety of substances, which are believed to include suspected methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana and other drug equipment, according to a press release from Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox. When deputies arrested Long he was also found to be in possession of "brass knuckles".

According to Cox, the incident report states a vehicle was about 75 yards off the roadway stuck in the cemetery with two adult occupants.

“The male occupant was reportedly less than cooperative, further investigation led officers to have at least reasonable suspicion other crime(s) were taking place,” Cox said, Linn County Sheriff Henke and his K-9 responded to the scene and the dog alerted to the presence of drug odor(s) coming from the vehicle. A search resulted in the seizure of the suspected drugs.

“Our officers also seized a bag that was locked with a combination lock and the suspect refused to cooperate. Our office obtained a search warrant for that bag which resulted in the seizure of a loaded handgun, methamphetamine and drug equipment,” Cox said.” Records show Mr. Long has a prior felony drug-related conviction and was ultimately sentenced to four years in prison after failing to complete probation. Mr. Long was arrested on this incident and has since been charged in Livingston County with alleged felony violation(s) and is now out of jail on bond.

This case file is now complete and additional charge(s) of property damage to the cemetery are being reviewed.

According to online court records, Long has a history of numerous drug-related arrests and convictions since his first charge of possession of an imitation controlled drug in 2012.