the administrator of the health department offers guidance for re-opening,

As your local public health department, Livingston County Health Center would like to offer some guidance as we enter Phase I of the Re-Opening of our state, with hopes of progressing to Phase II in a timely manner.

We are all connected in our efforts to move forward in the recovery and reopening process, and we need your cooperation to make that happen. What we do as individuals affects the health of the community as a whole.

Now more than ever, we all have a role to play—whether it is at work, in your community or in your home. We can all make a difference in the fight to end coronavirus, even if it means just staying home.

Although it may be tempting to return to “business as usual,” it is necessary to take small steps and re-assess the level of threat along the way. As Governor Mike Parson said, “This is a turn of the dial, not a flick of the switch.”

After each change in protective measures, you will see a pause to check for a spike in new cases. That pause will have to be at least two weeks, as that is how long it takes to see new cases after making a change. If we see a large spike after any change in phases, that change will be either paused or rolled back depending on the severity of the increase.

Everyone needs to continue to follow the guidance in protecting themselves from this illness. While there will be easing of the work restrictions put in place by the state order, individual distancing and distancing while in public will be with us for a long time to come. It is important to remain vigilant in adhering to distancing when you are away from home.

Using your voice is also something we can all do with our families and communities and in our social networks. It’s vital to use your voice to share important messaging from reliable sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and your state and local health officials.

We are grateful to everyone who is doing their part in the fight against coronavirus. We are all

important in this fight, and we all need to do our part. And, sometimes doing your part means staying home, or wearing a mask to the grocery store. We are all in this together—and together our impact is greater.


Sherry Weldon, RN, is the administrator for the Livingston County Health Center.