During the June 2, Municipal Election area voters will be asked to consider various issues that aim to increase taxes to provide for the police department and for the Chillicothe R-II School district.

Voters are being asked to consider these two different measures that would increase taxes, however, area officials stated it is also important to know the difference between the two types of taxes.

The school board is asking voters to pass a levy increase. An increase to a tax levy, for area property owners, is based on the assessed valuation of their owned property.

Chillicothe R-II patrons will also consider an increase to the Chillicothe R-II School District’s operating levy at the amount of $4.43 per $100 of assessed valuation.

The proposed ballot language for the school’s tax levy increase reads:

“Shall the Board of Education of Chillicothe R-II School District, Livingston County, Missouri be authorized (1) beginning in 2020 to increase the operating tax levy for school operating purposes by sixty-eight cents ($0.68) per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation, and (2) beginning in 2023, to increase the operating tax levy for school operating purposes by another 12 cents ($0.12) per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation, which will replace an operating tax levy in the same amount that will expire by its terms in 2023. If this question is approved, the adjusted operating levy of the District is estimated to be $4.43 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation.”

Only property owners would be affected by the $4.43 increase per $100 of assessed property values.

Chillicothe R-II School Superintendent Dan Wiebers said school districts can, by law, only seek to change a tax levy rate, to help supplement the school district’s budget.

“A city can ask for property tax levy or sales tax increases,” Darin Chappell, city administrator, said. “The reason we selected sales tax is the school districts are only allowed property tax levy increase if we do the same thing is putting an undue burden on property taxes, but more importantly with sales tax - studies show more than roughly half of all sales taxes are paid for by people who do not live in the community. Roughly half of all sales tax revenue is paid for by people outside of the city.”

City voters are being asked to pass a 25 cent per $100 sales tax increase to aid the Chillicothe Police Department with equipment, training, officer retention and facility upkeep and improvement.

Sales tax is a tax on items purchased, the increase in taxes paid by any person is based on their spending habits and purchases made. Everyone who shops within the city limits of Chillicothe pay sales tax.

The proposed ballot language for the city sales tax increase reads: “Shall the City of Chillicothe, Missouri, be authorized to increase its general sales tax by one-quarter of one percent (¼ of 1%), to be used to acquire and or improve police facilities, acquire police equipment, maintain police services and recruit, train and retain police officers.”