Kathy Gilliland is seeking one of three open seats on the Chillicothe Board of Education.

Gilliland, a Chillicothe native and 1977 Chillicothe High School graduate said if elected one of her main goals is to work hand-in-hand with staff, administrators and other board members to ensure children in the Chillicothe R-II schools continue to receive a quality education.

“I firmly believe education is a gift we can give our youth no matter what their background happens to be. I am very proud of the fact that all three of my children graduated from Chillicothe High School and each one also pursued college degrees. Their education was a

strong foundation in shaping who they are today,” she said. “However not all students will pursue a college career but there are other pathways students can take rather than college degrees. My main goal and priority is to help ensure that all students have an opportunity for a quality education no matter what path they choose.”

Gilliland noted that supporting teachers through competitive pay and incentives for continuing education is key to making sure there are quality educators within the district. She supports the proposed levy increase, that would benefit the Chillicothe R-II schools if passed.

“I support the proposed levy increase. Again, I believe education is one of the most important gifts, we can give our children. If we plan to give our students a quality education, we need to pay our teachers a competitive salary. Currently, our teachers are earning below the state average and as a community, we should want better for our teachers who are teaching our

Children,” she said. “Our teachers are dedicated to their careers and students and deserve to be appropriately compensated for their devoted service. Increasing our taxes is never a pleasant event, but I cannot think of a better way to spend my money. I strongly believe our children, students, and teachers are worth it! Our school district has not asked for an increase for teachers’ salaries in more than 28 years. Ultimately, I believe the school board would not ask if the need was not there.”

Gilliland noted her willingness to get the job done and follow-through are all attributes that have served her well during career as an accountant at Harden, Cummins, Moss & Miller, L.L.C. and will also make her a good school board member.

“Whether at work or serving on the school board, it is vital for all involved to work together as a team for the betterment of the organization,” she said.

Being a member of FCA, Chillicothe Booster Club and Festival of Lights are amongst the civic activities Gilliland takes part in.

“I strongly believe that a community is a reflection of the people who serve it. I also feel that each one of us is capable of serving our community in some capacity. I have been an active participant of several committees and boards and feel these experiences have enabled me to make a positive impact on these organizations,” she said.

Gilliland has three children who graduated from Chillicothe High School.

Chillicothe area voters will be asked to choose three new members for the board of education during the June 2 election.