Seventy-six businesses and non-profit organizations submitted applications to receive a share of CARES ACT funds from the county, stating their business had been impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These business grants are extremely important,” Livingston County Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas said. “Our thought is that this - helping businesses - is one of the most important things we can do.”

Livingston County received $1,786,431 of CARES ACT funds when it came to the distribution of the funds, Douglas said a committee was formed to discuss where the most need was and to ensure those groups and programs who qualified could get needed funds, as outlined in the CARES ACT. Cities and counties cannot use the money to fill in budget gaps due to the virus.

Douglas said there are still some original grant submissions that are still be processed, bit noted that any non-profit or businesses in Livingston County can apply for CARES ACT funding through the county,

All types of businesses from nail salons, restaurants, barbershops and more applied for the grants. The most any one business or non-profit received was $10,0000.

Businesses were notified on June 10 about the grants and how much they received. Douglas said checks would be distributed in the coming days.

“Any business or group in Livingston County that has been impacted really should consider filling out an application,” he said. “We will not be giving out any more of the money to these groups after this go-round as we need to save money for testing, supplies, distance learning, feeding the vulnerable and other programs.”