Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox said there is another incident of a scammer trying to take advantage of area residents.

In a press release issued Sept. 2, Cox said that day he had heard a local senior citizen about how they had been conned into believing they had won a vehicle through sweepstakes. The scammer convinced the victim into believing the requirement to transfer some money for expenses related to their alleged prize.

“In all our victim is out more than $10,000 which will never be seen again. These creeps will continue to harass the victim in attempts to get even more money,” Cox said. “The criminals are not in the United States and there is no way to extradite them for prosecution or get any of the stolen money back.

“One time is too many for these crimes. Please remember the chances of these things being a scam is almost certain as compared to the chance you won a sweepstakes or lottery.”