There will be a Missouri Farm Lease Program offered online on Sept 17. Some of the issues to be covered include: when should a tenant pay part of the rent, how and when can a current lease be terminated, who pays for fertilizer or lime and rental rates. The program will be from 6 - 9 p.m. online via Zoom. Pre-registration is required by Sept. 16.

“Farm leases are a popular topic given common current cash rent current levels and volatile crop prices. Landlords and tenants need to understand the terms and expectations to develop a satisfactory agreement for both parties” said Mary Sobba, agriculture business specialist with The University of Missouri Extension and one of the workshop presenters. “There are many issues both farm landlords and tenants need to be aware of and this program is designed to address these issues.”

Topics to be discussed during the class include: current cash rents in Missouri and trends, items to include in a lease, terminating a farm lease – when and how to do it legally, recreational (hunting) leases – what you should be aware of and livestock and crop share arrangements – keeping them fair for both sides.

University of Missouri Extension will teach the program. The instructors will include a team of ag business specialists, who have worked with both tenants and landlords for many years. The program will be presented by distance learning so the audience can see and interact with all the instructors.

A flyer with class fee information is available from the Caldwell County Extension Center at (816) 586-1010 or e-mail . Registration can be through the Caldwell

County Extension Center or via online 1599148019

University of Missouri Extension programs are open to all interested persons.