Last year's masterpiece of a football game is in the past for both sides.

If the 2018 Bell Game said anything, it was that the Marceline Tigers had a bonafide field goal kicker. Brookfield scored the only touchdown of the game, and nonetheless, Marceline won its third straight, 9-6.

Cullen Bruner, the now senior who banged home a 36-yarder in the sloppy drizzle, is also statistically one of the best backs in MSHSAA Class 1 football after a 251 yard performance against Knox County in week two.

"I mean, everything for them really starts with the Bruner kid," Brookfield coach Scott Stevens said. "He has tremendous speed and athleticism, and he's a great kicker."

Bruner has knocked three field goals of 40-plus yards since the dawn of the season.

Stevens has also game-planned for 63, Colby Sims.

Sims led the team in tackles last year, and that won't change.

"That's not a question," Stevens said. "That kid finds the football and takes the thing downhill. We have to get a hat on him, and if we don't we're in deep trouble.

"We've got Bryson Collier back there punting, and we can turn the field around."

On the other end of things, Marceline head coach Mark Ross plays it closer to the chest. He won last year's Bell Game, but his team is not impervious.

He thinks that his kids will match the physicality up front, but they'll be ready to rock.

"They have that four-headed monster on offense, and we need to shut them down early," Ross said. "From a confidence standpoint, we've both had some slow starts. We'll get things rolling here a little bit.

"I think that last Friday was good for us, because (Knox County) was tough to move. They handled some of those stunts that we can't replicate in practice."

As it should be, neither team knows what to anticipate. Both coaches used the term "assignment football," and neither is incorrect.