(Monday 12:00 a.m. update with quotes, finalized C-T statistics) Spoofhounds' big playe spark first Hornets loss of season after 2-0 start

CHILLICOTHE, Mo. — The Chillicothe (Mo.) HS football Hornets’ hopes of staying in contention with the heavily-favored Maryville Spoofhounds Friday (Sept. 13) by limiting the skilled Maryville offense’s big play took a quick hit and never did come to fruition.
Eventually, six MHS snaps produced pickups of 30 or more yards, half of them ending in the end zone and the other three leading to touchdowns exactly four plays later, as Maryville claimed a runaway 49-12 victory in the teams’ 2019 Midland Empire Conference opener.
The best aspect of Chillicothe’s first loss of the 2019 season might be that it can put Maryville out of its mind the rest of the season, since the schools are in separate enrollment classifications (CHS Class 3, MHS Class 2) for postseason play. MHS ended the Hornets’ 2018 season with a second decisive victory in the district semifinals.
“You learn a lot about a team and about an individual through adversity,” CHS head coach Tim Rulo reflected for the C-T shortly after Friday’s game. “Now the challenge is on us to continue to improve, even after a loss.”
The Chillicothe focus remains on maximizing multiple reasonable chances at victory the remainder of the regular season and in the district playoffs.
“I’m excited to see how our Hornets respond to a little adversity, because I know they can do it,” Rulo declared. “I really believe in them.”
Maryville’s fourth snap after accepting last Friday’s opening kickoff saw running back Aiden Cullin sweep around left end and – with two pursuers both choose to try to take inside routes to him, rather than one inside and one outside – gallop through a wide-open outside seam 52 yards to paydirt. Only 93 seconds into the action, Maryville was in front 7-0, never to be caught.
The next Spoofhounds series saw a 38-yards pass play and 22-yards run set up a 15-yards touchdown pass from Ben Walker to Tate Oglesby. Barely two minutes later, on the first play after a blocking penalty erased a would-be 61-yards punt-return touchdown by Oglesby, Tyler Houchin swept around right end and, like Cullin earlier, went untouched down the sideline to the Chillicothe end zone 58 yards away. Another point-after kick made it 21-0, Maryville, with 2:01 remaining in quarter No. 1.
That’s where it stayed until 14 seconds before halftime when, after B. Walker’s 45-yards hookup with Deon Metezier put the ball deep in Hornets territory, Connor Weiss cracked across from three yards out. A failed extra-point attempt left the intermission margin at 27-0.
“After the second score, I thought (the Hornets’ defense) tightened things up and got better,” observed Rulo. “From there, we just didn’t respond well enough on offense. We had some things (go well), but just not enough consistency to be able to put points on the board.”
A baffling play on the second-half kickoff almost turned the minor Chillicothe moral victory of not having the “running clock” rule in effect at the start of the second half, as it had been at Maryville last year, into a technicality.
Chillicothe’s would-be kick returners allowed MHS’ kickoff to land behind them inside the CHS 10-yard line, assuming it would bounce into the end zone for a touchback. Instead, it eettled mere inches from the goal line where, as Hornets watched, a MHS player dove on it, his momentum taking him and the ball into the end zone.
After 5-10 seconds of delay, the referee at the goal line raised his arms, signalling a Maryville touchdown. However, although never clarified to the crowd by the referee, the officials eventually realized that, since the ball had not reached the end zone on the kick, the recovering MHS player – being on the ground – could not legally advance the ball even the few inches into the end zone, thus negating the initial TD ruling.
As puzzled fans and observers – including the official timekeeper – watched in confusion (although both teams had been informed of the corrected ruling), the MHS offense came on and quarterback B. Walker powered into the end zone from the 1-yard line for a touchdown without the clock starting, as the timekeeper – lacking clarification from the referee – believed it actually was one of Maryville’s routine 2-points conversion attempts after the apparent recovery touchdown.
Only after Maryville lined up again at the 3 for the “real” 2-points conversion try did onlookers realize the initial touchdown ruling had been changed. Thus, when the Spoofhound ran the conversion in for two points, the score stood at 35-0 with the game clock still showing a full 12 minutes left in the third quarter.
That meant continuous running of the clock would begin following the Chillicothe return of the ensuing MHS kickoff, except that, when the runback ended, the lead was back below 35.
Hornets senior Isaak Rasche, who had tried to coax the preceding kickoff to cross the goal line, caught this one in the air at his 7-yard line. Dashing straight ahead up the east half of Bob Fairchild Field, he evaded one would-be tackler and found an open corridor to the right, primarily from senior Julius Humphrey’s double-block and one seemingly by Josh Watterson, a review of game video showed.
Zipping into the open along the Maryville sideline at about the CHS 30, the track-and-field standout sprinter had the needed speed to out-run the kicker trying to cut him off at about the Maryville 35 and went the distance.
Rasche’s second career kickoff-return touchdown – he took one back at St. Joseph: Lafayette last year – pared the Maryville lead back to 29 points. Continuous running of the clock would have to wait a while.
The Hornets’ defense – on a high-low tackle by Deon Reynolds and Colten Sewell – managed to force a fumble at about its own 5-yard line on the next Spoofhounds’ drive and cornerback Reynolds recovered it in the end zone for a touchback.
However, taking over again at the CHS 49 following a 3-and-out by the Hornets, the Spoofhounds reestablished the necessary margin for accelerated timekeeping when B. Walker’s fourth-and-2 rollout pass down the middle just cleared the fingertips of that same Hornets duo and was clutched by Gaven Gray-Walker. He trotted the remaining 10 yards for another MHS TD at the 7:23 mark of quarter No. 3.
The visitors made sure the “running clock” would remain in use the rest of the game by scoring once more with 11 seconds left in the third quarter.
Chillicothe senior quarterback Jaden Winder capped a 12-plays, 70-yards drive against mostly MHS defensive reserves with a 13-yards option keeper with 5:15 remaining, giving the home team its only offensive score of the night.
Statistically, Maryville out-gained Chillicothe 451-182 in yards. The ’Hounds ran for 287 yards and passed for 164 with Houchin totaling 121 ground yards and Cullin 113, while B. Walker threw for all 164.
Chillicothe passed for a mere 16 yards and needed 47 rushing attempts to net 166, a team-high 61 of those by Dawson Wheeler. In a meaningless anomaly, the Hornets actually earned more first downs than Maryville, 13-10.
Including the misplayed second-half kickoff, the Hornets had two turnovers and Maryville one.
Both teams were assessed many penalties for a combined 181 yards (115 against the visitors), but distressing to Rulo was that his squad again had difficulty multiple times with offensive alignment or snap-count infractions.
“That’s the thing that saddens me the most – the number of penalties,” he stated.

Maryville        21    6    22    0    –    49
Chillicothe         0    0     6    6    –    12
10:27 (1) –     (MHS) Aiden Cullin 52-yards run (Nic Garner kick) (4 plays, 71 yards) MHS 7-0
4:17 (1) –     (MHS) Tate Oglesby 15-yards pass from Ben Walker (Garner kick) (6 plays, 62 yards) MHS 14-0
2:01 (1) –     (MHS) Tyler Houchin 58-yards run (Garner kick) (1 plays, 58 yards) MHS 21-0
0:14 (2) –     (MHS) Connor Weiss 3-yards run (run failed; bad snap) (5 plays, 67 yards) MHS 27-0
11:57 (3) –     (MHS) Walker 1-yard run (Oglesby run) (1 play, 1 yard) MHS 35-0
11:44 (3) –     (CHS) Isaak Rasche 93-yards kickoff return (Carr kick blockeed) MHS 35-6
7:23 (3) –     (MHS) Gaven Gray-Walker 41-yards pass from Walker (Garner kick) (4 plays, 49 yards) MHS 42-6
0:41 (3) –     (MHS) Weiss 7-yards pass from Walker (Garner kick) (7 plays, 83 yards) MHS 49-6
5:15 (4) –     (CHS) Jaden Winder 13-yards run (run failed) (12 plays, 70 yards) MHS 49-12
(CHS) Dawson Wheeler 16 carries for 61 yards, Isaih Kille 11-43, Jaden Winder 8-33 (1 TD), Isaak Rasche 2-9, Kam Ward 4-9, Deon Reynolds 2-7, Allen Eakins 1-1, Dan Hoel 1-(-1). [TOTAL 46-162 (1)] (MHS) Trey Houchin 12-121 (1), Aiden Cullin 8-113 (1), Connor Weiss 5-37 (1), Trey Oglesby 1-17, Ben Walker 2-2 (1), Clay Pritzel 1-1, Tyler Haer 1-0, Drew Spire 1-0, Gaven Gray-Walker 1-(-4). [TOTAL 32-287 (4)]
(CHS) Winder 4 comp. in 10 attempts, 16 yards (0 TD/1 int.), Gage Leamer 1-1, 4 (0/0). [TOTAL 5-11, 20 (0/1)]  (MHS) Walker 6-10, 164 (3/0), Connor Drake 0-2, 0 (0/0). [TOTAL 6-12, 164 (3/0)]
(CHS) Brad Hayen 1 reception for 9 yards , Rasche 1-8, Hoel 1-4, Colten Sewell 2-0. [TOTAL 5-20]  (MHS) Oglesby 2-53 (1), Deon Metezier 1-45, Gray-Walker 1-41 (1), Caleb Krezinger 1-18, Weiss 1-7 (1). [TOTAL 6-164 (3)]
Wheeler 10 (7), Hayden Hill 6 (4), Damarcus Kelow 5 (4), Rasche 5 (4), Sewell 4 (3), Hayen 4 (2), Brock Ward 3 (2), Kille 2 (1), D. Reynolds 2 (1), Donald McCracken 2, Isaac Washburn 1 (1), Hoel 1 (1), Elijah Reynolds 1 (1), Brock Gott 1.
(MHS) Jackson Bram, Tanner Noland,  .
Chillicothe 2 for -5 yards (Wheeler, Kille); Maryville 7 for -22 yards.
(MHS) Weiss (30 yds.)
Chillicothe 2 (2). Maryville 1 (1).
(CHS) D. Reynolds (1st). (MHS) Krezinger, Remington Wooten. [TOTAL 2].
(CHS) Rasche 1-93 (1), D. Reynolds 4-53, team 1-0 [TOTAL 6-146 (1)]. (MHS) Cullin 1-41, Oglesby 1-21, Haer 1-0. [TOTAL 3-62]
(CHS) Rasche 1-3, Sewell 1-(-1). [TOTAL 2-2]. (MHS) Oglesby 1-13, Weiss 2-9. [TOTAL 3-22]
(CHS) Winder 4-158, Jamacin Carr 1-36. [TOTAL 5-194]. (MHS) Nic Garner 3-123.
Chillicothe 9 for 66 yards; Maryville 10-115.
Chillicothe 13 (2 passing, 10 rushing, 1 penalty); Maryville  (4 passing, 6 rushing)