Mat Hornets win four duals, lose five in Spartan Duals at Moberly with illness-influenced, piecemeal lineup. Sixty-two of would-be 126 bouts saw single or double forfeits. CHS won 27 of 64 bouts actually contested

MOBERLY, Mo. — Scratch the surface of the Chillicothe High School wrestling Hornets’ so-so results from the 2019 Spartans Duals tournament at Moberly last weekend and a clearer sense of what happened emerges.
With multiple would-be Hornets participants either unable to take part at all, due to sickness, and others limiting their participation for the same reason, according to CHS head coach Chad Smith, Chillicothe came away with four wins in nine dual matches and only 27 wins in 64 wrestled bouts, but brighter prospects down the line than those numbers otherwise might suggest.
When two anticipated end-of-season lineup regulars also still yet to make their season debuts as they recover from football season injuries, the Chillicothe lineup at Moberly Friday and Saturday likely will be very different come mid-February’s district and state tournaments.
Perhaps the most-definitive number, related to CHS’ trip to the tournament at Moberly, was 62. That is how many of the potential 126 bouts in their nine dual matches saw either the Hornets or the opposing team or both forfeit, due to either having no one healthy for that weight or opting to avoid a lopsided pairing.
So strapped was Chillicothe for lightweight participants that Lady Hornets sophomore Abigail Clements was included in the traveling squad and officially entered in six 113-pounds bouts. Five of those were when the other team had no one to put in that weight slot either, allowing Clements to earn CHS six free points.
Eventually, she did have one contested bout against a St. James foe. That ended with Clements losing by fall in a respectable 2:11.
In terms of team match results, Chillicothe defeated Affton 77-4, Eldon 69-12, Boonville 36-33, and Fulton 48-34, while losing to the host Spartans 54-24, Pleasant Hill 69-12, Southern Boone County 42-40, Ste. Genevieve 54-24, and St. James 48-33.
The impact of vacancies in lineups for many of the teams is underscored by the fact that the Hornets won their match against Boonville even though they won only two of seven contested bouts and topped Fulton despite only two victories in eight wrestled bouts. Similarly, CHS lost to Ste. Genevieve despite winning three of the only five bouts contested. Chillicothe split eight wrestled bouts against St. James and against six against Southern Boone.
The only dual in which more than eight of the 14 would-be bouts actually occurred was in the loss to Moberly. Every weight class except 106 and 113 pounds had an entry for each squad that time, with the Spartans winning nine of the 12 bouts.
Individually, the Hornets’ busiest grapplers were Tristian Slattery at 170 pounds, who wrestled against each opponent and posted four wins and five losses, and Jaxon Albertson, who squared off with someone at either 126 or 132 pounds seven times, winning three and losing four.
Matching Slattery for the most CHS wins in contested bouts in the tournament was 285-pounder Christian Peniston. He won by fall four times, just as Slattery did, but lost only two bouts. The opposing team did not have a heavyweight to face him three times.
Chillicothe’s most-accomplished wrestlers in the mix-and-match lineup Smith was forced to concoct were seniors Colten Sewell and Isaac Washburn, but they didn’t get involved in that much actual competition.
Washburn, at 220 pounds, was used in the lineup only seven times and actually competed only three times – winning one decision and losing two, one on the universal tiebreaker.
Sewell was entered in either 132- or 138-pounds bouts only three times, with Albertson, Bryce Dominique, or Connor Keithley utilized at one or both of those weights, as well. Sewell’s three outings saw him take two wins by fall and lose a major decision against a Fulton foe.
One consequence of Sewell’s apparently health-related restricted use is that, in missing out on six potential bouts in the tournament, he almost certainly will lack the total number of bouts needed this season to take a run at Aaron Baker’s all-time career wins record. The senior needed to win around 55 total bouts this season to catch his one-time teammate.
With their holidays break, the wrestling Hornets aren’t due to return to competition for three weeks. Next on their schedule is the Cameron Duals tournament Jan. 11.