(Updated 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 17,with coach's comment, additional info, tournament postponent) State standouts Sewell of CHS, BHS' Parn stage highlight battle taken by Bulldog 3-2 durng Thursday (Jan. 16, 2020) match at Brookfield. Wou.d-be Saturday tournament at Kansas City called off

BROOKFIELD, Mo. — Highlighted by what figures to have been one of the best individual bouts of the 2019-20 season, Chillicothe High School’ wrestling Hornets split a double-dual at Brookfield Thursday night.
The action, which featured a superb bout – CHS head coach Chad Smith termed it a “barnburner (that) had the gym on its feet” – between two of the state’s best upper-lightweights – Colten Sewell of the Class 2 Hornets and defending Class 1 state champion Donovan Parn of BHS’ Bulldogs – saw Chillicothe top its host 40-27 after falling 39-28 to Gallatin.
In that marquee matchup, which came at 138 pounds, all of the scoring came in the middle period with Parn prevailing 3-2.
With, disappointingly,  Saturday’s scheduled tournament to have been hosted by Kansas City: Center falling victim to the winter weather and travel conditions, Chillicothe will take an 8-6 team record in dual matches into Tuesday’s (Jan. 21) dual match at St. Joseph: Benton.
This week’s varsity outings also saw CHS’ Lady Hornets get in a modicum of competition. After Tuesday’s trip to Richmond produced no actual bouts in a win over Carrollton and three (wins by Angalina Evans in 235-pounds division and Summer Drake at 135) as they topped Richmond, Thursday saw a single contested bout (loss) during the 30-12 victory over Brookfield and three (one win) as they technically downed Gallatin 24-12 on the strength of simply having more wrestlers (six) entered.

At Brookfield, Chillicothean Abigail Clements was victorious over her Gallatin 110-pounds foe by a 44-seconds fall. Also getting bouts in, but losing, were Karyna Ireland (130), Gabrielle Wigchert (120), and Drake.

In Thursday's boys’ varsity action, Chillicothe got 18 of its 28 points in the opening-match loss to Gallatin’s Bulldogs through forfeits, winning only three of the eight contested bouts. Neither team had a 113-pounds entrant.
The CHS triumphs were delivered by Dawson Wheeler at 160 pounds, who gained an 8-3 decision, by Sewell with a 14-6 major decision at 138, and by freshman Bryce Dominique at 145, via a 3-1 win. 
Those last victories came in the final two bouts of the match after Gallatin had sewn up its triumph by taking a 39-21 lead with three wins by fall, a technical fall, and a major decision. Chillicothe was open at each of the three lightest weights, while Gallatin had a void at the three heaviest.
Once the final match of the evening rolled around, pitting the Hornets against the BHS squad guided by former CHS head coach Drew Passley, drama built toward the Sewell-Parn clash, which ended up being the third-to-last bout.
With wins by fall from Wheeler (in 3:08) at 160 and Isaih Kille (in 35 seconds) at 182 and three forfeits within the first half-dozen weights, Chillicothe seized a seemingly-commanding 30-6 lead. However, the Hornets didn’t win again during the next six bouts – two of which were double-forfeits that didn’t cost them any of their lead and two were CHS “opens.”

With Brookfield having leapt to within 30-24 via a pin and two forfeits, Sewell, who had not wrestled in competition since having a mere three bouts during the Dec. 20-21 Spartan Duals tournament at Moberly, and Parn stepped onto the mat to test each other. It turned out to be a course-final type of test, not a pop quiz.

Each probing repeatedly, but without success, for a possible first takedown, they settled for a scoreless standoff after one period.

The starting position choice for the second stanza went to the BHS standout, who opted to defer his choice until the third period. Sewell then elected to begin the second two minutes in the “down” or defensive position.

While the Hornet hoped he could turn that choice into at least an escape that would give him a 1-0 lead, if not a reversal that would provide two points, Parn utilized his control of the Chillicothean to break the scoring ice.

Turning Sewell partially onto his back, the BHS state champ kept him there for the necessary 5-count to earn three near-fall points. However, Sewell not only was able to avoid having both shoulder blades being put down simultaneously for a fall, but did his own scoring out of the predicament.
Catching Parn unaware, the Hornet reached up with his left arm behind Parn’s back and hooked the fingers into the Bulldog’s left armpit. That gave Sewell just enough grip to pull his foe slightly backward and off-balance. Simultaneously, the Chillicothe used his planted feet to push his body – with Parn still on top of him – upward.
That removed the Brookfield star from contact with the mat and therefore, without anything he could use for resistance, left him with little or no leverage. Turning his body to his left as he pushed upward, Sewell generated the leverage and momentum needed to roll Parn off of him. In the same motion, as the BHS wrestler careened toward the floor, Sewell held on to him, allowing their combined momentum to suddenly have Parn ever so briefly on his back with Sewell gripping him from on top.

The reversal, which came before the referee had even had the time to officially signal to the scorer’s table the points for Parn’s near-fall, brought Sewell right back within a point at 3-2.
The switch in positions could have provided the Chillicothean with a chance to seize the lead or even end the bout on a fall, had he been able to keep the opponent on his back either long enough for a 2-points near-fall (which would have been added to the two reversal points) or get both scapulas flat simultaneously for the pin. However, the skilled, experienced Parn utilized his body’s momentum during the rollover to continue twisting in that same direction before Sewell could apply extra force to keep him on his back. In doing so, the Brookfield state champ rolled on across his left shoulder to his stomach, minimizing his risk of having Sewell tack on any so-called “back” (near-fall) points.

When the second frame ended without any more scoring, Parn opted for the “down” or “bottom” position for the start of the third. From that, he continued to use his technical skills to avoid Sewell’s attempts to turn him and net near-fall points that would have put the Hornet in front.

Even though the referee issued him one caution for an illegal action and one warning about stalling, Parn prevented Sewell from either tying the bout or getting go-ahead points, leaving the Bulldog a 3-2 winner.
For Sewell, it unofficially was his second defeat in 12 bouts this season after he went 42-4 a year ago.
“Matches against a state champion like that are exactly what Colten needs to sharpen his skills for the road ahead,” Smith commented, making unspoken reference to the relatively-light slate of bouts the CHS star has had thus far.
Although his season record technically is 10-2, between some teams’ lack of wrestlers at Sewell’s weight, the illness which helped limit him to only three bouts (out of a possible nine) during the mid-December Moberly event, and the now-3 postponed events, the Hornets senior has actually wrestled in only nine bouts to date. That’s less than half the number which he would have projected to have by now in 2019-20, had his health and opponents’ lineups allowed him to compete on the mat in every opportunity.
With the three team points earned by Parn’s precision, Brookfield cut Chillicothe’e lead to three points with two bouts left, meaning it could take the match by winning them or tie it and force it to a criteria tiebreaker with a win by fall and a loss by decision.

With the home team having all of the momentum, frosh Dominique answered the call for Chillicothe in the next (145 pounds) bout.
He made the first takedown and followed up on it with both a 2-points near-fall and 3-pointer to seize a 7-0 lead after the first two minutes.

Choosing to begin the second period on the bottom, he added to his advantage with a reversal and eventually grew his margin to 11-2 going to the last period. When he reversed his opponent during that last frame, Dominique closed out his second victory of the night and sewed up the CHS team triumph by a dominating 13-2 major decision. That tacked four points onto the visitors’ side of the scoreboard, giving the Hornets an insurmountable 34-27 margin.

For good measure, sophomore Nickolas Heldenbrand stuck his BHS 152-pounds foe in 65 seconds to set the final gap at 40-27.