Getting out there

Kirsten Mouton

The goal of the Livingston County Preservation Society (LCPS) is to preserve our local history. This month LCPS should close on the Edgerton home at the northeast corner of Polk and Locust Streets (or we will be really, really close to closing). The first order of business will be to get a new roof. We will need roofing materials and a roofer. If you can donate anything roof-related, please contact us at We are super excited about this project. I won’t lie, there is a lot of work to be done, but I will love almost every minute of it!

Kris Daniel talking to some of the public at the Sliced Bread 
Day on July 10.

And this means that we can start offering workshops soon. Some ideas to help community homeowners include top tools for the job and their proper use, tiling tricks, repairing drafty windows, painting like a pro, solving your plumbing problems, dealing with plaster cracks, and more. If you are interested in these or have ideas for more, please drop us a line!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at the Sliced Bread Day festival downtown on July 10. We met a lot of people and spread the word about our mission.

We are happy to announce that the 2020 Chillicothe Hall of Fame winner, R. Warren Roberts, has been sponsored. We will make an official announcement in the near future, when the exhibit piece is complete. We even have a sponsor already for next year’s inductee! We plan to open up for nominations for 2021 in September.

We are spearheading the effort to write a new history book about Livingston County. It is still in the preliminary stages with Arcadia Publishing. They put out lovely sepia-toned pictorial books and it has been a lot of years since our county has had a history book. Currently, we are working on the application. It will then get reviewed by a panel at Arcadia who make the final decision. Keep your fingers crossed!

Be on the lookout for a press release in August for our Century Home project.

Would anybody be interested in a historic home tour, maybe in November? We are considering that as a potential fundraiser. This could include private residences as well as commercial properties.

Please visit our website ( to see many of our ideas for future projects. Also check out our Facebook page at And be sure to sign up for our newsletter too.