2021-22 Missouri Steer Feedout

Shawn Deering

We live in an information age. As cattle producers, we consistently hear there is value in knowing how well the calves that we produce perform in the feedlot and how they grade on the rail. Most northwest Missouri beef producers have a hard time getting that kind of information. Part of this is due to the typical herd size in the area and most producers are not comfortable with or cannot financially stand the risk of feeding a pen of cattle.

That is why the Missouri Steer Feedout was created…to help Missouri cattlemen gain experience feeding cattle and retaining ownership without the investment and risk of feeding an entire pen of cattle. The feedout is held in conjunction with the Tri-County Carcass Steer Futurity in Lewis, Iowa. Eligible steer calves are those born after January 1, 2021. A minimum of five head are required and there is no maximum on the number that can be entered. Calves must be weaned a minimum of 30 days, with 45 days preferred. Optimum entry weights are 500 to 750 pounds.

There are also specific health requirements that must be met. Entry deadline is October 10, 2021 and the feedlot delivery date is scheduled for November 2. Participants will receive complete feedlot performance and carcass data on the cattle that they enter. If you have an interest in participating or would like additional information, contact your MU Extension Field Specialist in Livestock or check out the following links: http://www.tcscf.com or http://swmobcia.com/.

Shawn Deering is the University of Missouri Extension’s Livestock Specialist.