Raise the roof

By Kirsten Mouton

The goal of the Livingston County Preservation Society (LCPS), a non-profit 501(c)3, is to preserve the local history of our area. This includes salvaging locally significant buildings before they deteriorate to the point where must be torn down. Our first salvage project, the Edgerton home at Polk and Locust streets, which we purchased in August, needs a new roof. Your donation of $500 would allow us to purchase the materials and install 100 square feet of roofing, materials only for a donation of $150, or a bundle of shingles for $50. Please send your check to LCPS at 107 Locust St, Chillicothe, MO 64601. No other work can be done on the home until we get this taken care of.

Historic Home Tour

We have four fantastic historic properties for you to tour on Saturday, Nov. 20, from 2:30-5 p.m., after the Christmas Parade and after the Bishop Hogan/Elks Bazaar. These self-guided tours can be done in any order:

  • Maybee Mansion at 324 Washington St.;
  • Pam & Stephen Miller's 319 Tenth St.;
  • Grace Episcopal Church at 421 Elm St.; and
  • Adams/Montgomery Wards at 440 Locust St.

Tickets are $10 per person for all four properties and can be purchased at United Country Graham Real Agency at 801 Washington St., Boji Stone Cafe at 612 Washington St., and the Cultural Corner at 424 Locust St.

Hall of Fame

To keep our community's history alive, LCPS created the Chillicothe Hall of Fame. In 2018 we seeded the project with three inductees: Charles Adams, Olive Rambo Cook, and Frank Bench. In 2019, Maurice Dorney was added. Last year we selected R. Warren Roberts, a local architect, as the inductee. Nominations for 2021 will be open from Nov. 1-20.

The Chillicothe Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding individuals from our past for their significant contributions in the cultural and historical development of Chillicothe. One new member will be inducted into the Hall of Fame annually. The name of the nominee and two-page biography detailing the nominee’s accomplishments may be submitted as a Word document attached to an email to LivCoPreservation@gmail.com. Please include your contact information. A photograph of the individual should be included if possible. The individual nominee’s personal and professional contributions and accomplishments should favorably represent the people of Chillicothe. Criteria for nominees are as follows: Must not have been convicted of any crime; Must have been deceased for 35 years or more prior to the year submitted; Must have resided in Chillicothe for at least 5 years; Accomplishments must have contributed highly to Chillicothe's culture and values.

A committee consisting of community members will review all submissions, fact-check biographies as needed, and make the final selection. For more details, please go to our website at livcopreservation.weebly.com and click on Projects.

New Local History Book

Don’t forget to look for old photographs you have to submit to LCPS for our new local history book through Arcadia Publishing. We hope to have the majority of the pictures selected by the end of November. The book is scheduled for release in August 2023.