Ludlow News for Feb. 3

Marj Locker

LIONS SUMMER BALL. The registration forms for the Ludlow Lions summer ball programs are now available. If you want one you can email and a reply message will be sent with the form. Forms are due no later than March 29. The forms will also be at Southwest and Breckenridge schools.

The Lions provide five levels of play. Tee Ball (ages 4-6), Machine pitch (7-8), 10 under, 13 under and 18 under. The age of the player on April 30 determines the age category they can play in.

UMPIRES NEEDED. If you are interested in being an umpire for the Lions, please contact Marj Locker. It’s a good way to earn some cash through June.

BASKETBALL SILVER. The Southwest high school basketball teams both claimed silver after finishing second place in the Keytesville tournament. No fans were allowed in the stands so the teams cheered on each other, quite well I have heard!

Julie Bothwell is the head coach for both teams. She said of the girl’s team, “We knew Norborne (foe in the championship game) was good and we set manageable goals, and the team accomplished most of them. We kept Norborne off the free-throw line for any one and ones all four quarters. We worked hard inside to get their much taller post to foul and she did sit some for fouls.

The girls played with heart all four quarters and held Norborne to only two fast breaks, and we disrupted that enough that the Pirates missed the shots. We aimed to wear our Southwest pride and keep the score against a great team respectable.

I feel a 30 point loss against this great three-point shooting team with a tall post player was respectable. This is the senior’s first piece of hardware since they were freshmen playing with the Kaylie Campbell and Kortlyn Rounkles team (that went to state). It was an accomplishment for them for sure.”

The Southwest boys dropped their championship game, also against a formidable opponent in Wellsville-Middletown, 32-67. Wellsville is a 2A classified school.

ALUM IS TEACHER OF THE YEAR. Southwest School alum Jaryn (Jones) Schneider has been named the Chillicothe Elementary School Teacher of the year. She will represent the school in the district-wide Teacher of the Year event on March 15. I would say good luck, but there was no luck in this selection. Jaryn was a wonderful student at Southwest and simply continued to be so in her life path!

LIONS GUN WINNER. The January Ludlow Lions gun raffle winner was Lyndsey (Gibson) Hawkins, whose home town is Stet. Her children attend Braymer. So glad she won this gun as she has always been a supporter of our programs!

XOXOXO. Valentine’s Day will be here soon. I hope you all have a special someone to share it with….don’t count out animals. They make great dates! LOL. As author Agatha Christie once said, an archeologist is the best partner any one can have; the older you get, the more interested they are in you!