Missouri's online Vaccine Navigator

Chillicothe News

There is now an online Missouri Vaccine Navigator. On Feb. 8,  Gov. Mike Parson announced the launch of what he called a “secure registry tool to assist Missourians in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.”

“Although vaccine supply nationwide is still quite limited, this registration process will help connect Missourians with more avenues to receive a vaccine,” Gov.Parson said. “This will not only provide support for Missouri citizens but also help our team determine where the greatest demands for vaccines exist throughout the state.”

The Missouri Vaccine Navigator will lead users through a variety of steps. Most importantly, Parson said, it allows individuals to register for a vaccine, indicating their desire to be vaccinated. They will then complete a questionnaire to determine their eligibility based on Missouri’s priority phases.

Registrants will be notified upon activation of each phase and alerted when they become eligible. Individuals will then be able to seek vaccination from their health care provider if they have vaccines available or view mass vaccination events and other providers in their area.

In addition to helping individuals register for a vaccine, the Missouri Vaccine Navigator will remind registrants when it is time to schedule their second dose. Both vaccines currently authorized for use require two doses, and the second dose is critical to ensure individual and community protection.

“A crucial part of this process is for people to follow up for the second dose in order for them to be fully vaccinated and protected against COVID-19,” said Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Director Dr. Randall Williams. “This system uses best practices to ensure patients and providers follow through with that second dose for the maximum amount of protection.”

When individuals visit https://covidvaccine.mo.gov/navigator/, they will answer questions regarding their personal health information so that the applicable priority group can be determined.

Later, the registrant will be notified when he or she becomes eligible and can then view and sign up for events in their area at that time. It will be important for individuals to receive their second dose from the same provider they received the first dose.

Those without access to the Internet are encouraged to call the COVID-19 hotline at 877-435-8411 for assistance.

This tool may not capture every event in the area, so it is highly recommended that residents look for information from local public health officials and health care facilities and even some retail pharmacies to learn more.