Ludlow News for Feb. 13

Marj Locker

NAMES GIVE PERSONALITY. One of our strongest memories growing up is our first vehicle. It may not have been the greatest vehicle, but it was ours! Many of us feel such a connection to our cars and trucks, that we name them, giving them a personality!

I did a little online survey asking people to share why and what they named their vehicles. Ellen Donoho named her orange Jeep Mrs. Magoo, after the little car that cartoon character Mr. Magoo drove. “I can’t see and neither could Mr Maggo,” added Ellen.

“My 4-Runner is named Dimples because she was caught in a hailstorm years ago and not all the dents came out,” explained Doloris Tompkins.

Kimberely Plowman said they named their truck Jack because he is tall.

Lori Hulett’s son Travis, who was young at the time, named their truck Beast because of the sound it made.

In Gone With the Wind, Melanie Hamilton said Scarlett and Rhett’s daughter had eyes as blue as the Bonnie Blue Flag, so Kerry Savage nicknamed her blue minivan Bonnie. Her Explorer was named Merriweather after Merriweather Lewis and her white minivan was named Firebolt after the brand of broomstick Harry Potter flies!

I love this one. Nathan Peel said they named their Chevy “Mator” because, according its driver Ameelya, he’s old and rusty, but has a good heart and is dependable.

My beloved art/softball truck was named Pongo by daughter Cori when she was two. One of her favorite movies at the time was One Hundred and One Dalmatians. The father dog in the movie was Pongo, so Pongo is has remained over the last 26 years. I have a sentimental attachment to this truck for many reasons, but the strongest is that it was made in April of 1994 and Cori was also born in April of 1994! I bought the truck new. Twins!

Last, and perhaps least, my sister named her car Donkey. She says because it is little, mighty…..and reminds her of her sister. I choose to believe it is because I have a donkey.

MADNESS IS APPROACHING. Going into the CLAA conference basketball tournament the Southwest High School boys and girls teams sport similar records. The boys are 10-4 and the girls stand at 10-5. The teams have shown a lot of growth as they approach the March madness season.

According to Coach Julie Bothwell, who is the head coach for both squads, “The boys continue to grow each game. With three coaches in four years they handled the transition in styles pretty well. We are learning that we can play fast, but that we can also slow down and play smart. That has been the toughest part of our season, but they are settling into good decision making at the right time of year.” Coach Bothwell says the boys have skills and it is just a matter of using them right.

One of the players that has come a long way in maturity is junior Remington Woodcock. He had 26 points in a big win over 3A Bethany this season. “Wes Hughes and Patrick Warren are such good play-makers and the forwards benefit from that,” added Bothwell. Watching the highlight reel created by Warren, it was evident that ball handling is a strength of the team and the 6’6” tall Woodcock was able to take advantage.

This season is quite different in that the numbers of fans in the stands is less. However, with the schools providing online live broadcasts of the games, we are able to actually see more of the games. Coach Bothwell said that it has also been great for scouting this year.

GIRLS USE PATIENCE TO WIN. “The girls have come sooooooo far,” explained Bothwell. She says the three seniors have worked hard to have a good season and they have shown some of the younger girls what it means to give your best. The freshmen and one sophomore especially could not have a better group of seniors to play with. Coach says, “They are patient and willing to help everyone. As long as you give them all you have in practice and games, they have your back. I am happy to see them have some success that is their own.” The senior girls are MaKenna Campbell, Lily Webb and Matney Waters.

Of note, the girls also defeated 3-A Bethany.

DONATIONS. Remember to save your old eye glasses! The Lions are always collecting them.

BALL FORMS. The summer season Ludlow Lions registration baseball and softball forms are available at the Southwest and Breckenridge schools. If you would like me to email you a form, send an email to and I will respond to it with a form.

The first games are scheduled to begin May 10 and tournaments will conclude by the end of June (fingers crossed as the weather doesn’t always cooperate).

The village of Ludlow is nestled into a long winter's nap after this week's snow and frigid temperatures. The Lions Club has a donation bucket for eye glasses outside their door should you get out of the house!