Ludlow News for Feb. 17

Marj Locker

THE POWER OF LOVE. Can love really be “at first sight”? That answer is apparently, yes!

“I met my love in 1948. I lived in Ludlow, at the time a town of 300 people, so when Ivan moved to town with his family I noticed him. He had just gotten out of the Navy. He was handsome. With me it was love at first sight,” said Doris. She says she thinks it took him a little longer.

Ivan’s family moved to Ludlow after they purchased the ice plant and they needed Ivan’s help there. So, Ivan got out of the Navy where he was in flight training in Florida. On their first date they hung out with friends from Ludlow and three months later got married. Ivan Schroder was 21 and Doris was 19. Ivan was the agent for the Milwaukee Railroad so they moved to Excelsior Springs after their wedding because of his job.

“And the rest is history, as they say,” commented Doris. Doris and Ivan have been married 72 years now! They have four children, nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

An ex-student of mine, Donna, was set up on a blind date by a co-worker. Donna and Jeff met on Labor Day of 1993.

“I honestly believe we fell in love that day. He flew me in a private plane over the town after dinner. When you know, you know,” Donna said. The pair dated for about three weeks, got engaged and married six day later! Wow, what a whirlwind romance. Donna and Jeff Arnold have been married 28 years, have four children and three grandchildren.

Tammi Stoner’s sister was set up for a date. When Rueben showed up at the house to get her he saw Tammi and said, “Nope, wrong one, I want to date her sister!” A couple months in the I love yous are exchanged. They dated for five years and then Tammi became Tammi Venneman. They have been married for 22 years now.

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD. Amanda met her love in ninth grade at Southwest after only attending the school for one semester. Then she had to move hours away. Four years later they were reunited and bam, after a month it was love! Amanda and Skylar Kline have been together 15 years now and have five children.

In 1979 Camille Clark was standing on the pitching mound during softball practice at Simpson Park and there was a boy working at the field helping someone else out. She had a huge crush on him. “When he walked towards me to toss me a softball he stopped short and bounced the ball off his bicep to me. I giggled, blushed, and almost dropped it,” gushed Camille. Flash forward nearly 40 years and fate brought them back together. After one month they said I love you and later Russ proposed to Camille on that same pitcher’s mound! She is now Camille Singleton!

LOONEY TOONS! I have a friend named Lori. She met her husband when she was in first grade and he was nine years older. She got on the school bus and it was full and there was no place to sit. The bus driver told her to sit on someone’s lap and make it quick. She sat on Vic’s lap. Later Vic graduates from high school and is gone. They lead separate lives until…..

When Lori was 32 she stumbled across Vic (age 41) while shopping at a landscaping nursery. He was buying trees for a landscaping job. They were both single after events in their life made it so. “We talked for a few minutes, exchanged phone numbers, and he called me that night,” said Lori.

Vic asked her out to the farm where he grew up for a picnic with all five of their children from previous marriages. Lori said, “I had to laugh when he said he didn’t have a swimming pool but he had this huge round galvanized horse watering tub they could fill up for the kids to swim in. How could I pass that up?”

After TWO dates Vic told Lori he loved her and in 1993 she became Lori Looney!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. When teens are smitten they are often consumed by how they feel about the other person. It doesn’t take some big event to bring people together.

Rhonda Oesch said her husband of 23 years, Orland, did a pre blind date check by scoping her out while she was working at Sonic. He went as a customer so he could see her first and she had no idea.

Crystal Ficken’s first date with Travis was at a mud run in Milan and a month later she was wearing his class ring. “My senior pictures were in August and I had on his class ring. The photographer asked me to take it off in case things didn’t work out,” said Crystal. Things did work out when she married Travis Narr and now they have three country boys.

Tracie Register was supposed to go to a homecoming dance, but she fibbed. She met up with some friends at Hyvee and a boy named Jay happened to be there. “We kind of knew at that moment that we would definitely keep hanging out. He asked me out that week,” said Tracie. About five months later they were in love and it all started in a grocery store parking lot. She is Tracie Bradley!

Pam Johnson met her husband on an online dating site. She says he lived within two miles of her and believes they never would have met without the site. “I knew he was different than others I had met. After a month we were exclusive,” explained Pam. They are now Pam and Wayne Taylor.

A more recent Southwest graduate, Katie Meyers, met her love Jaden at a mutual friend’s party. She said she spent the evening staring at him and towards the end of the night, she worked her way over to him and started flirting. “Basically, we became inseparable from then on,” she says. Now her name is Katie Gipe.

John Locker and I first met because we both taught in the little Stet School. Love came slowly and steadily. Our first date was a hockey game and dancing. Been dancing ever since.

This Valentine’s Day the saying you take my breath away, was true in two ways. I still feel that way about my husband and that bitterly cold north wind did the same thing. Baby, it’s cold outside! Everyone take care and stay warm in body and heart.

Doris and Ivan Schroder have been married 72 years.  They met in Ludlow when Ivan's family bought the ice plant. Cold toes, warm heart!