FFA profile: Trace Rardon

Trace Radon

Being in FFA has been more than just wearing a blue jacket and black slacks, I have learned more communication skills, leadership skills, and money management than I thought I ever would have learned. As an eighth-grader going into high school, I needed to decide if FFA was something of interest to me. My dad and sister both explained to me the countless opportunities and life-long friendships that were created from their four fast years in FFA. Now, as a senior in high school and chapter secretary, I can now look back and realize how much my life has been impacted by FFA and just how much agriculture is in our everyday lives.

After completing my freshman year, I knew as a sophomore that I could try out to be an assistant officer. Another talk with my dad he revealed to me that being an officer in FFA would teach me a lot of leadership skills. As much as I hate to admit to it, he was right. The experience as an assistant officer encouraged me to pursue a chapter officer. So, my junior year I did. As a senior I am now chapter secretary, which has helped shape me into the person I am now. Becoming an officer of the Chillicothe FFA is more than a blue and gold jacket with a silver emblem and an ear of corn dangling from the bottom of it. Being an officer is making connections, developing leadership skills, earning respect.

Little did I know that my eighth-grade summer of choosing to be in FFA would have been such an important decision. Yes, I have had ups and downs with FFA, from trying to memorize a speech to the countless hours spent on trying to remember when I bought pig feed in 2017 for my record book. However, with all the skills and connections have gained throughout the years, I would not trade it for anything.

Trace Rardon