FFA profile: Seth Hansen

Seth Hansen

My first true FFA experience came when I stepped onto the Litton Agriscience Learning Center four years ago. I grew up around agriculture; both of my parents grew up on large farms. They wanted me to have a similar experience so we started a small hobby farm, keeping a flock of about twenty sheep year-round. I showed the lambs I raised at the county fair and knew that when I entered high school, I would want to be a part of the National FFA Organization. Although I knew the basics of FFA, I was unaware of just how far the organization would take me.

Four years ago, I knew that I enjoyed serving others from my experience in 4-H. So naturally, I tried out for an Assistant Officer position. My interview went well, but I was surprised when I was chosen as President of the Assistant Officer Team. My role as Assistant President led to me trying out for a chapter officer position the next two years, where I was chosen to be a 2nd Vice President my junior year and President my senior year. In addition, I was elected President of the Area II FFA Association. Through these roles, I have been able to become a confident speaker, an innovative problem solver, and a thorough planner. Simply put, FFA helped me become a better leader.

Four years ago, I was unsure of what I wanted to do for a career. That changed the summer before my junior year as I was able to participate in what would become my favorite trip of my high school years: The Missouri Agribusiness Academy. During this trip, several professionals from the ag industry came and spoke to us about what their jobs entailed. Through this, I realized that my passions for working with animals and giving back to a rural community could be joined in the field of veterinary medicine. Not only did I realize what I wanted to do that week, but I was also able to network with like-minded peers. The friendships I made during that trip are incredibly strong, and I talk with several of them daily. FFA allowed me to realize who I was, what I stood for, and what I wanted to pursue in life.

Four years ago, Mr. Martin asked me to be a part of the Knowledge Team. It’s not the most exciting contest, only a one hundred question test about the history and functioning of the organization, but I was a good test taker. More importantly, I am a naturally competitive person. I strived to do my best to place high enough to get to walk on stage at State Convention. While I did not quite meet that goal, it pushed me to work even harder the following years in my future contests. That next year, I earned sixth in Division II Prepared Public Speaking. My junior year, I won third in the Employment Skills contest. The career and leadership development events that I participated in through FFA have helped me gain skills and knowledge that I am certain will be beneficial in my future endeavors.

Now that I am in my senior year, I enjoy reflecting back on my last four years. I notice all of the great things I have gained from my time spent in the organization, such as developing leadership traits, learning who I am, and learning skills which will prove valuable later in life. I appreciate that my advisors have pushed me to be the best version of myself. Most of all, I am happy that four years ago, I chose to take a class at the Litton Agriscience Learning Center.

Seth Hansen